The Luminescence of Hope

That which was fore-ordained comes forth.

Visions Received in 2023

Tears Of Helplessness:
The profound sighs of sorrow of the healers.

Wrath Capitalism:
Subsidizing the last colonial military outpost in the lands holy.

Lessons Of The Roman Empire Not Heeded:
Carte blanche barbarism.

The rising the hearts of humanity as empires fall.
All blessings.

All Mercies Denied:
Yea, the swords seeking the mythical Amalek destroying the animals wild and caged, starving, bombing, and driving them mad. The breaking of the sanity of wolves.

Baying For Spectacles of Blood:
Sensationalizing lies.
Consensualising violence.
When the fox lies, humanity dies.

Revelations of the Light:
That which cannot fail…Love.

A coming forward of the de-mythtification of Peace.

Burn It Down Consciousness = Wrath Consciousness.

Doves Crying:
The open weeping of the doves in the presence of the unmitigated energies of hatred.

Stealth Dominionism.

Dense Energies Rising:
As the energies of Light expand and intensify,
so too will the previously suppressed energies of hatred.
Endure nation. Endure.

Inciting Mass Hysteria:
Projecting fear of ‘Other’ onto ‘Other’ not made in the image and likeness of the fanatically dogmatic.

The growing intolerance of the intolerant.
Grooming the multitudes towards expressions of violence against ‘Other’ as righteously justified.

Weaponizing The Energies of Fear:
Spoon-feeding the anxieties of the fearful in service to power and control.

Don’t Question Us Despotism:
The rise of the incapability of wrongdoing politics.
Free speech portrayed as existential threat.

Laying Down The Gauntlet:
Unilateral legislation indemnifying ethnic cleansing and genocide. The sins of historical genocide are not redeemed by permissive genocide and outlawing speech to halt genocide.

Democracies In Decline:
The rise of religious supremacy laws in the nations of the free.

Redefining Reality:
The political defining of what Americans can give voice to in contradiction to the rights granted in the Constitution in service to foreign entities.

25,000 Tonnes of Malevolence:
Permissive letting loose of the psyche of revenge.

Projections of Shame and Defilement:
‘Other’ portrayed as diabolical and fiendish.

Labelled As ‘Other’:
Fomenting hatred of other using name calling and labeling as a justification for the state sanctioned eradication of ‘Other’.

Exceptional Righteousness:
The right to dehumanize ‘Other’ promoted as righteousness.

Free Speech?
Challenging the state through free speech perceived as license to strip the People of their rights and citizenship.

Destruction Of Other Portrayed As Righteous:
Wanton targeting, murdering, and ethnic cleansing of Other portrayed as the right to safety.

The destruction of the stateless and powerless by a powerful nation with unlimited weaponry and technologies.

Perpetrator As Victim:
Religious supremacist inversions of victim-hood justified as the right to oppress and deny ‘Other’ their rights.
Unhealed trauma projected, then wielded unto ‘Other’.

When the energies of darkness projected unto the People fails to incite hearts, a course change taken inciting minds to align with a consciousness of hatred, persecution of ‘Other’, and fixations of victim-hood.

The Ministry Of Rage:
The mercenary benefits of rage generation.
A seeking to activate somnolent hearts thru rage influencer’s and righteous prophetic war propaganda.
Rhetorical expressions of the energies of darkness symbolically portrayed as of light.
Woe and sorrows.
Woe and sorrows.

Destabilizing reality in service to false reclamation.

Filling arenas of piety with the false messaging of terror and rage of ‘Other’.

Fear not, for there are no executors of death and destruction which can destroy the hope of freedom.

Legacy Manipulations Of Reality:
Presenting truthful analysis whilst presenting footage which reinforces emotional propaganda.

Humanity disconnecting from their humanity.

Logic of Projection:
The illogicality of believing the cause of rage is ‘Other’ and only thru the elimination of ‘Other’ can rage be cured.

The braggadocios recognizing that no law on Earth will step in to stop mass executions.

Algorithmically Yours:
The algorithms of targeted mass death and destruction.

Vengeance Redemption Tours:
The false premise of redemption through the destruction of ‘Other’.

Witness hearts of Light and Love, this testament of the revelations of the energies of darkness in the presence of Light.

The AI Euaggelion Of Death:
An ideological quest of programing humanity to accept the dehumanization of Other as an embodied being without divinity.

The AI Euaggelion of Death:
Morality free mass targeting of civilians through the code of AI. Projections of strength through algorithmic targeting to increase the capacity to harm and traumatize.

The AI Euaggelion of Death:
Outsourcing humanity to the mechanical angels of death.
Asymmetric animus (of the annihilation of Other).

The AI Euaggelion of Death:
The erasure of empathy, morality, compassion, and respect in lieu of power, speed, and the ability to enact mass annihilation. The objectification of Other as target.

The AI Euaggelion of Death:
Unethical warfare presented as algorithmically enhanced surgical targeting of Other.

The AI Euaggelion of Death:
Normalization of hyper-death rates and mass destruction of civilian infrastructure.

The AI Euaggelion of Death:
Technology based knowledge erasures of previously held ethics in armed conflicts.

The AI Euaggelion of Death:
Collective objectification of Other as justified target of war.

The AI Euaggelion of Death:
The conscious and/or unconscious, amoral projections of Other coded into data training sets.

The AI Euaggelion of Death:
An endeavor to remove all traces of human responsibility for moral abhorrence of Other.
Precision management algorithmic administration of the annihilation of Other whilst disregarding planetary cries against the amorality of collective death and punishment.

The AI Euaggelion of Death:
The superiority of vindictive rationality.

The AI Euaggelionof Death:
Life and death decision making delegated to recommendations of algorithms.

The AI Euaggelion of Death:
AI inspired realities of annihilation enacted upon Other.

The AI Euaggelionof Death:
Source consciousness separated from Divinity.

The AI Euaggelion of Death:
The technology of inflicting disproportionate suffering upon Other.

The AI Euaggelion of Death:
The AI generated matrix of collective human imprisonment.
No where to hide, no where to experience autonomy, planetary realities.

The AI Euaggelion of Death:
Eliminating principled democratic debate and/or discussion in favor of authoritarian dominance, supremacist driven, for profit, AI intuitive discernment’s of the perceived nature of Other as well as the means of destruction of Other. The escalation thru technology of the mass annihilation of Other.

The AI Euaggelion of Death:
The introduction autonomous means of controlling Other through unprecedented and unfamiliar means of inducing sudden shock/fear, calamity, and trauma.

Fear Based Governance Of Other:
The conceit of controlling ones fears through the controlling of lives of Other.
A rise in religious supremacy laws over the rule of law.

Algorithmically Yours:
AI generated killing presented as ethical freedom.

Dearest Beloveds of the Light,

Fear not these portends of that which is unseen, and that which is to unfold.
For these are actions separated from the Light, separated from the heart of God.
Fear not.

I AM is with all:
Those who are departing in terrible sorrows and pain.
Those who are left behind in terrible sorrow and pain.
And those who have yet to behold these energies of darkness separated from Light.
All will be healed beloveds of the Light.
All will be healed in the Light.

Quintessential Astuteness:
Behold the quintessential adeptness of the children of the Light to discern the energies of darkness presenting itself as Light.

The inauguration of incitement propaganda as an overt expression of state and planetary emotional warfare.

The Sorrows Of A Nation Once Free, Annexed:
The elect of freedom and liberty resolving to rewrite reality and punish those who express their First Amendment rights of free speech for speaking out against ethno-nationalist political agenda’s of death and destruction of those deemed as ‘Other’.

When Fascism Came For Democracy:

When fascism came for Democracy,
the people, unaware that the emotional release
which came with the mocking, name calling, and desecration
of ‘Other’, would lead to incitement against ‘Other’.

When fascism came for Democracy,
the people, starry-eyed, were unaware that leadership calls for
elimination of ‘Other’, could and would, lead to actual deaths.

When fascism came for Democracy,
the people unaware, that populace calls bantered about
for removal, or ethno-cleansing of ‘Other’ would lead to
the removal of friends and family members deemed as ‘Other’.

When fascism came for Democracy,
the people unaware, cheered on silencings and imprisonment
not realizing that such cheering, would lead in the end, to their silence and imprisonment, especially those seeking to uphold the rights of all.

When fascism came for Democracy the people unaware, lamented the woke,
whilst leadership prepared the way unseen, for an unmerciful vanity king,
bestowing upon the people, military and political expressions of vengeance and retribution.

Contrition free support of the mass death and destruction of ‘Other’.
The Nation of the Free upholding the rights of the lawless over the rights of humanity.

Genocidal Justifier’s:
Only our interpretation of the law of our Deity is legitimate law.

Risings of Theocratic Parochial Governance:
Behold the rising of biblical/religious interpreted ideologies of the normalizing of violence against ‘Other’.

Living in a reality of for-profit surveillance, the people lost their faith and trust in each other for the false premises and promises of avoidance of risk and enhanced security.

Covenant Of Extremes:
The marriage of belligerent nationalism and victimization consciousness.

Dogmatic Resolutions:
Conflating rule of law with biblical principles.

The rising accusations of traitor upon those deemed as ‘Other’.

Dividing A Nation United:
State sanctioned ‘Othering’ laws.

There is no biblical right to ‘Othering’.
All are made in the image and likeness of the Creator.

There is no sorrow greater to the human heart than living in a reality of which ‘Othering’ has deemed one as sub-human.

In an epoch of unrestrained violence express your dreams of peace freely.

Character Assassination Stratagems:
Inflaming the credulous.

The pietistical vilification of ‘Other’ as principled application of law.

The purification of the lamentable, historical dominance of ‘Other’.

Destroying ‘Other’ for self-inflicted failures.

Under The Influence:
Perceiving the self as having a divinely inspired right to control those deemed as ‘Other’.

Sorrows Of An Annexed Empire:
Super-Pac governance in the Nation of the Free.

“Look Over Here!”
Refreshing the propaganda of the dehumanization of ‘Other’ in service to the political aims of mass annihilation.

As empires continually allow exemptions of accountability for leadership thru the destruction or desecration of methods for holding transgressors responsible, the peoples within the empire will be tempted to align with malevolent voices seeking to blame ‘Other’ with a focus on eradication’s and forced expulsions.

On The Rise:
The energies of darkness seeking to veil hearts off from compassion and empathy for ‘Other’.
No love. No love.

Sorrowful observations of children receiving circa 1800’s field hospital operations without anesthetics whilst floating state of the art hospitals offer no due care.

O Little Town Of Bethlehem:
O little town of Bethlehem where in a manger Jesus was born.
Celebrations of Your day of birth cancelled in a land egregiously war torn.

Old School Governance:
Rising failures associated with misogyny and supremacy.

Agitating The People:
The political propaganda of labeling ‘Other’ as terrorist.

Honouring the soul who recognized the ‘wise of heart’.
Rest In Peace Beloved.

The AI Euaggelion Of Death:
AI tracking and targeting of truth tellers and their families.

“AI Did It!”
The bombing of school shelters filled with innocent men, women, and children.

Political Moving Targets:
North, South, East, West this is our righteous quest.

Sensitivities to the rights of ‘Our Team’ whilst ignoring any rights for the ‘Other Team’.

Plain Speaking:
Using minority spokespersons for anti-minority policies.

Perceived supremacist religious righteousness as anointed by God politics.
Segregating ‘Other’ as a divinely inspired right.

Religious Supremacy:
Erasing debate and equity in service to the self-anointed disciples of political piety.

Children under the rubble of revenge as those who could save them engage in circular arguments.

Christian Witness?
When did supporting genocide become an article of faith?
Asking for a friend.

Funding Available:
Funding available for those who will fulfill our agenda of silencing democratic voices.

The beautifully coiffed regurgitating genocidal language.
The sexualization of genocidal intent rapped in song for the youth.

Genocide… silence.
Wearing a keffiyah scarf… outrage.

A silencing of the voices of suffering and those who seek to end the suffering.

Conflating Democracy with religious supremacy.
The fallacy of projecting self-righteous agenda’s as God’s Will.
The rise of puritanical persecutions of ‘Other’.

Religious Persecutions:
A forgetting of the lessons of multiples of millennia of religious persecutions of ‘Other’.

Political Statesmanship Against Child Abuse:
Genocide of children… silence.
Transgender and gay children… outrage.

Disappearing ‘Other’:
“No doubt!” – Incitement.
“Unable to verify.” – Plausible deniability.

Gun Violence:
The spreading of mass gun violence by the champions of restraint free gun rights, bringing forward the energies of death, destruction, mayhem, collateral damage, sorrow, anguish, and pain.

Rendering Unto Caesar:
Rising religious supremacy laws.

Religious Loyalty Laws:
Placating the rages of the self-righteous.

Policy Free:
The politics of who can shout in anger the loudest and threaten the people most effectively.

The angry king projects a kingdom of retribution and violence and the witnesses waiting for the kingdom to come, rejoice.

Bearing Witness To Vengeance:
The ephemeral values of Christ in service to the politics of religious power.

Seeking power in the name of Christ.
Lacking faith to wait for The Return, a rising to seize power.

In the presence of the energies of Light:
Flooding reality with incitement and illusions.
The dangers of perceived fears consciousness.

Illusions of supremacy garrisoning embodied souls in a state of separation.
Superiority conveying the illusion of courageousness.
Superiority conveying the illusion of righteousness.

A rising of humanity free religious nationalism’s planetary wide.
No Love. No Love.

Virulence thy name is horror.

Sons and daughters of wretchedness, thy hearts full of misery, hard, uncaring, scornful, vengeful.
Thy actions an abomination unto all that is of holiness and righteousness.
Know that you cannot demoralize those who long for freedom, for lives lived imprisoned was never about living life.

Violent Discourse:
Marketing violent dominance narratives to the masses.

Proliferation Of The Chosen:
“We’re chosen!”
“No, we’re chosen!”
“No, we are the real chosen!”

Acting Up:
Human beings identified as not living according to strict theo-political principles of control and dominance.
The energies of darkness whispers into hearts of fear:
“Why, you do need to control everything and everyone, for all is wicked and unrighteous.”
A re-rising in time of the energies of zealotry.

They came at first with folded hands and pious assurances of salvation and returned with guns and thrashings.

The Scythes Of Death and Despair:
Violence construed as strength and righteousness in God.
Soul harvesting through violent means of collective madness.

The arrogance of the “God wants for you” narratives concealing the zeal to dominate those deemed as ‘Other’.

Witnesses To Mass Annihilation:
“Your sufferings do not meet our threshold of pietistical righteous concern.”

Power Hungry Piety:
The self-righteous, injudicious legislating in service to dominating the life and death experiences of ‘Other’.

Moral Aberration:
The slaughtering of God’s Creations – humanity.

Deceptions Of The Anointed:
Our Deity told us we are to rule over and control every aspect of your life.

A rise in ‘demonic purges’.

Save America = Controlling The Freedom’s Of ‘Other’.

Historical Spiritual Warriors:
Emperor’s – Birth-rite Rulers
Spiritual warfare always, brings death to the innocent, suffering to humanity, and sorrow to those censored as not made in the image and likeness of the self-appointed spiritual warriors of (insert Deity here).

A dehumanizing and demonizing of ‘Other’ as a quest for the doctrinal decontamination of the nation.

Anti-Pious Illusions Of Grandeur:
The causing and infliction of as much pain and suffering as possible in service to the fallacy of ‘forcing’ the Messiah back to the Earth.

The Egoism Of Saving ‘Other’:
The uninvited, pietistical, egotistical, hubris of ’Save” consciousness.
The energies of arrogance informing hearts and minds that
God needs human beings to control or ‘save’ another.

An erasure of symbols and signs of compassionate solidarity by disappearing likes.
The heart knows regardless, the heart knows the truth of compassion and empathy.

Privatizing Death and Destruction:
The rise of the fear economy.

Without Consent:

When nationalism transforms into collective psychopathology against ‘Other’:
“You shall forfeit your lives, your hopes, your future, your dreams and freedoms for our ideal of nation.”

Perpetuated Upon ‘Other’:
Collective psychopathology.
Collective dehumanization
Collective violence.
Collective destruction.
Collective punishment.
Collective insanity.

The Real World Violence Of Colonization Enforcement:
The old king who wouldn’t listen to a thing,
discloses his ruling,
there will be no redlining,
there will be no deadlining,
of collective destruction, punishment and killing.
The sorrows of old king wouldn’t listen to a thing.

Under The Influence:
“God told me to” – destroy ‘Other’, punish ‘Other’ for their thoughts, actions, or behaviours; purify ‘Other’ defamed as demonic, wicked, immoral; control ‘Other’.
‘Other’ defined as not belonging to our sect or following our creeds and dogmatic beliefs.

“Why Do They Hate Us?’
Teaching the world lessons of unrestrained, defiant, unrepentant, annihilative collective violence.

The contractive energies of separation (darkness) demands constant reinforcement as the energies of Love expand.

Follow The Leader:
When a leader favors ‘one team’ over another during conflicts, those who are identified as the’ other’ team within the nation, lives at risk of attack, racism, and phobia’s of the collective.

As Old As Embodied Time Itself:
“I fear you” consciousness.

A rising of self-righteous political fear-mongering.
The elect of the salvation of the nation’s underlying message that freedom of the people cannot be trusted, whilst simultaneously proclaiming that the people must submit to the will of the reigning political elite for the salvation of the nation. The rising of legalese re-defining reality in service to alienating and punishing those identified as ‘Other’.

Forced expulsions of those deemed ‘Other’, often Indigenous Peoples, justified as a necessity for national security concerns.

Redefining reality as a means of weaponizing First Amendment Rights in the Nation of the Free.

Appropriating the resources and lands of ‘Other’ as divine right.

Proxy Wars:
For-profit ideation’s of the cult of coin and death.
In the presence of expanding Light, masks fall.

Light may be embraced yet, never taken by force.

Confiscating Mercy:
The unique expressions of the ignorant of spirit falling into a moral abyss.

The cynical camera ready use of minorities in service to oppressing, repressing, and destroying… minorities.

No Mercy:
The psychological power targeting of the hearts of humanity.
All shall pay for our historical sufferings.

Refugee camps filled with the starving as mega-yachters sail and play.

Unfamiliarity With Any Levels of Divine Law:
Rebellious arrogance, divorced from humanity, cast as perceived moral superiority and victim-hood as justification for the mass murdering of the imprisoned, sniper firing houses of mercy and the wounded, starving innocent civilians, deprivation of water and due care, and expressions of inhumane mass collective violence against those deemed as ‘Other’, presented as divine righteousness.

A Sight To Behold:
Beautiful, wise, peaceful children of the Light.

A Sorrowful Society Indeed:
A sorrowful society indeed, which condemns the opening of hearts and compassionate vulnerability as virtue signaling.

Fashionable Undernourishment:
Embodied souls with the financial means of freely consuming unlimited amounts of food, fashionably ingesting drugs to dissipate any desire to eat, whilst those with no access to food, starve.

One Day Tease – Dictatorship:
Queen for a day.
King for a day.
Dictator for a thousand days.

Power Divorced From Humanity:
When experiences of full control of ‘Other’ fails to satiate venal thirst.

Subordinating religious principles to political machinations.

Submit Thee Not:
The promises of political salvation in lieu of democratic freedoms.

Political Salvation:
The erasure of hope.
The upliftment of the chalice of fear.

Resentful King Or Vainglorious King?
Presenting the nation of the free with the choice of king who inflicts pain and suffering upon the masses, using unjustified forces and military might, destroying cultures, allowing for suppression of freedoms, and inflicting inestimable sorrow and anguish — unto their own nation’s peoples or or a another nation’s peoples.

Moral injuries which are similar in harm to perceived ‘Otherness’, except for when a nation’s people decide to take on the suffering themselves and spare other nations suffering under expressions of these horrors. In this course of action, there is a path for redemption.

Again, A Warning:
When true believers believe that they can control the energies of evil, evil will reveal with absolute clarity, that it cannot, nor will not, be controlled.

Appetites for unmitigated slaughter and destruction unmasked.

For Sale:

For Profit Safety:
Marketing narratives of protecting a nation’s security by increasing for-profit surveillance of the peoples and removals of freedoms and rights.

The hubris of a projection of humility separated from the heart, expressed as anointed political divination.

Get Your Portion Of My Holy Robe!:
Auctioning pieces of the robe of a modern day political saviour.

A time coming forward of reactionary madness.
Be still.

Who Am I?
Embodied life as Creation’s expression of the freedom to be.

Witness To The Persecutions:
Heartfelt cognizance of the suffering inflicted upon “Other’ without condoning or participating in the suffering.

Not Of The Divine:
Unilateral, unnatural obsessions with demons and demonizing.

For Profit Initiatives:
When the destructive, disposal of ‘Other’ and nations of ‘Other’ for resources becomes an unspoken for-profit climate change initiative.
Crushing the viability of the Earth, her resources, and peoples in pursuit of profits.

The Heart Knows:
Freedom of the Light brings forth tears of eternal gratitude.

Grace Embodied:
All blessings to the departing souls whose lives and deaths reflect to a humanity separated from their hearts, the power and grace of the fidelity of faith embodied.

In A Time Of Judgement:
In a time of Judgement, care should be taken to care.

A conscious releasing of the perceived divine right of privilege as a transformative act of humanizing ‘Other’.

The Rising Of The Pious Malcontent:
Aiding and abetting in the dehumanization of ‘Other’.

Divorced From A Reality Of Humanity And Compassion:
When hearts covered over by the energies of darkness look out from the windows of their souls, ‘Other’ is often seen as projections of unhealed, unrevealed energies of inner corruption.

The sorrows of a self-proclaimed eternal people dehumanizing humanity.
Do not look away from the dehumanizing carnage of revenge.

Fear Not – That Which Is Coming Forward:
The horrors of lives lived under the rule of fanatics and zealots.

Fallacies Of Religious Supremacy:
The perceived divine right to destroy property, rights, freedoms of expression, character, and lives in the name of (insert Deity here).

Thine Eye Is Offended:
“Hey! You’ve offended my religious belief!”
Peoples of the Nation of the Free, no longer free.

When a free citizen is unable to speak freely according to their conscience and constitutionally protected free speech rights, then said citizen can be considered as living under subjugation.

The stripping of personal identities of free peoples.

Righteous Incitement.

Witch Hunts Redux:
Projecting insanity unto ‘Other’.

Exercising Darkness In Public:
The fallacy of “Our Deity is the only Deity”, politics.

A witnessing of cruelties and horrors which would make the Caesar’s blush.

The Children Of Awakening Light:
Breaking the paradigms of bondage.

The paradigm of the Machiavellian practice of terrorizing and destroying ‘Other’ falling by the wayside of the renaissance of an awakening humanity.

“Soon, prophet, soon.”
“Endings of these fore-warnings of the energies of destruction and doom.”
“Wait, for I AM and I AM with thee prophet.”