The Luminescence of Hope

That which was fore-ordained comes forth.

Visions Received in 2023

Devoid Of Respect:
The torturous practice of the public uncovering of the humble of God returns.

The “we’re ridding the world of terrorism” crew rides again.

Outrageous – Ceasefire:
And when the pious leaders of the good Book came before the people gathered,
a joyous sound was heard and then a collective chant of… “no ceasefire, no ceasefire!”

Mild mannered stochastic speech, cudgeled in piety.

Peer Pressure:
Using instruments and symbols of the state to force acquiescence to that which the heart recognizes as separated from love.

A framing of narratives and concepts through speeches and soundbites aiming at that which is in discordance within the hearts of the listening audience.

Surplus To Requirement Consciousness:
Proclamations of the right of state sanctioned killings and forced removals of indigenous peoples living on desired lands.

Conflating One With Another:
Anti-political ideology is not anti-religious identity.

That Which Is Unhealed:
A morphing into that which was once despised.

Asking For A Friend

In The Dawning Age To Come:
Love will be the guiding moral compass of all embodied souls.

“No Ceasefire?”
This following is a direct quote, right?
“Blessed Are The Peace Makers.”*
Asking for a friend.

Beloved Christ Jesus
*Matthew 5:9

Teachings of the Prince of Peace:
A subordination of the the Teachings of Love in service to the desires of power and control.

The revelations of political warriors and messiahs devoid of morality, disguised as righteous and pious.

Hail Empire:
Suppressing empathy in service to immorality.
The immoral capture of morality.

Toxic Brands:
Genocide, ethnic cleansing, torture, extraordinary renditions, axis of evil, hateful anti-Semitic rhetoric, hateful Islamophobic rhetoric, terrorist, no-ceasefire, command-centers, WMD’s.

Not All – Just The Politically Incited:
And the faithful of the Prince of Peace shouted and chanted in unison
“No ceasefire! No Ceasefire!”
The systemic dehumanization of ‘Other’ in the heart’s and minds of the lambs,
guided by the wolves.

Client Media Framing Of Calls For Peace:
“Pro-terrorist protesting.”

Dehumanizing Other

False Evidence Appearing Real:
Humanity disavows expressions of violence as a remedy for fear.

Hey! Got a problem supporting ethnic cleansing?
“Find another job.”
The People of the Nation of the Free, no longer free.

Those who have the freedom to choose, will choose empathy.

When the experiences of blood-lust cease,
incited participants return to their hearts,
finding shadows and sorrows as deep as the sea.

In A Lawless Time:
Fear not for honor and integrity shall return.

Still Not Saving The Babies:
“Here, you may have small portions of fuel.”

The scythes of death roam the city.

Setting The People Upon The People:
Verbal, free-wheeling expressions of bile filled rage, as attestation of righteousness.

Stochastic Politicking:
The politics of dehumanization of ‘Other’.
A race to the moral bottom as a device of securing power.

A sacred and blessed pause of peace.

Sorrows of the six million beloveds displaced – the ethnic cleansing of the indigenous peoples of Sudan.

Wondering who are what to trust in a time of darkness?
Trust Love.

Message of Ethnic Cleansing:
You will not go home and you will not stay here.

“Look over here!”
Circular arguments about perceived wrongdoings of compassion, whilst the innocent are killed under military siege-attack at hospitals.

When foreign government entities seek to stifle free speech rights, and succeed,
we become in essence, occupied, as a nation.

A Second Forewarning:
Not content with the Wall*, it was time to take all.

*Kosel, Wailing Wall.
First anchored 2.22.23

Breathtaking Acts of Cruelty:
“Go South! Leave!’
“You will be safe in the south.”
Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!
Our truth will set you free.

War stratagems to eradicate the memory, lives, meaningfulness, safety of the indigenous peoples until they have no where to go until they are pushed into the desert.
God has not ordained the banishment of the indigenous peoples to the desert, cruel hearts have.

Land Grabs:
Our precious. It’s ours, all ours.

Lack of protection as stratagem. Lack of homeland as stratagem.
Depriving all care and compassion as stratagem.

Truth Revealed:
When every cubit of space inhabited by “Other’ becomes a target of destruction.
The scythes of death cleansing the lands.

Predisposed To Destruction:
Obliterating the energies of fear through the annihilation of ‘Other’.

From the Prophet Isaiah:
Woe to them who call evil good and good evil;
who put darkness for light, and light for darkness;
who put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter.
Isaiah 5:20 – The Song of the Vineyard

A fueling of the blood-lust fantasies first anchored in fiction, now unfolding in reality.

Violent rapturing (disappearance) of ‘Other’ in service to the energies of ethnic-cleansing, piety, wrath, and purity.

Justified Slaughter – Eradicating ‘Other’
Violent nationalist reactionary zealots engage in the slaughter of ‘Other’.

Seeking to control outer purity as a means of masquerading inner defilement.

Specialized propaganda for the Armageddon-rapture readied audience.
Literature, financial support, and junkets available.

Behold the handsome, charismatic, fulsome messiahs of cruelty.
Swathing rapture in the disappearance of ‘Other’ through mass annihilation.

A Time of Separation of Wheat from Chaff:
Is it the wheat shouting “Annihilate them all – no cease fire?”
Asking for a friend.

Thou Shall Be Silent:
By decree, thou shall not cry out and oppose the genocide witnessed, nor shall thee express empathy or compassion.

Coming To A Democracy Near You:
The voracious appetite of for-profit occupation.

Profits Of Death

Us vs Them:
War crimes shall not be questioned.

Feeding the Beast:
Feeding the beast of ethnic cleansing through charitable contributions.

Afflictions of the Heart:
Sympathy for acts of darkness and cruelty whilst uplifting the agents of acts of darkness and cruelty.
A forgetting of the Teachings of Love.

A time of desecration so profound that the energies of filth covers heart’s.
Woe, participants of sorrows and cruelties, woe.

Profits of Death:
The staleness of cruelty needs constant refreshing and reinforcement.

The Beast:
The energies of anti-Love.

Marks of the Beast:
The energies of hatred, cruelty, indifference to suffering.

Occupying The Podia:
Spoon feeding rapture and end-time anxieties.

“Any Day Now.”
Trepidation sermonizing.
For who’s benefit?

Rapturous Incitement

Rapturous Incitement:
When visions of the New Jerusalem involve the violent destruction of ‘Other’ (i.e. the indigenous peoples of the land), perhaps one might want to consider if one’s heart has left the tenets of Love?

Dead In Christ:
Those who have lost their faith in Love.

Rapturous Delight:
The unwitting feelings of rapture inspired delight as one witnesses the slaughter of ‘Other’ in the holy lands as vindication of one’s coming upliftment into the heavens.

Projections of inner unworthiness as end-times dogma.

Rapture (Disappeared):
“You can wake up and all your loved ones are gone.”
Welcome to the Occupation.

Religious Hubris:
You can’t make Jesus do anything.

At The Expense of ‘Other’:
The unfolding politics of tribulation and end times theologies.

Incantations of Annihilation:
If you do not support our stratagems then you are not one of us.

When ‘full wrath’ stratagems hurts your own.

End-Times Wrath Supporters:
Titillating the rapture readied.
Unrestrained propaganda in service to charitable contributions.

When left behind proves the cruelties of left to die.
All mercies and blessings to the healers who stayed with the wounded and suffering, and endured the sorrows of siege and violence. All blessings to the Beloved of God left to die and killed.

“Why Do They Hate Us?”
20 years on, shrouds are lifted.

Temperament Of Abusers:
The more you plead to stop, the harder and crueler their blows.

From the Prophet Isaiah:
Woe to them who call evil good and good evil;
who put darkness for light, and light for darkness;
who put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter.
Isahiah 5:20 – The Song of the Vineyard

Visions anchored 11.19.23

Alignment with the energies of legions ancient. Expressions of brutality, upsurping all rules of law, in favor of biblical laws of vengeance.

Win. Win.

The Energies of A Wrath So Pure:
The energies of a wrath so pure in its hatred and desecration of ‘Other’, that allows the collective psyche to be projected onto the indigenous peoples as the perpetrators of all that had been done unto to them throughout the ages, each hatred of each enemy projected onto the innocent, from babe, to mother, to daughter and son, to father, with no restraints, no rules, no jury, no mercy, only the energies of wrath, pure, bellicose, indulged in, revenge filled, wrath.
The nations which could stop it, escalated.
The people who cried out stop, were mocked, vilified and ignored.
The people who encourage the slaughter uplifted as righteous.

Wrath Piety:
Wrath piety as the expression of the energies of false purification unto those deemed as “animals, vermin, depraved”.
The cynical, indiscriminate lash of wrath released upon the perceived unrepentant as fire – punishing, scourging, eradicating within Nation’s of the Free, those not made in the image and likeness of their pious punishers.

Destruction Consciousness:
“It’s time we sent you to go and meet your God.”
Woe O mighty nations fallen low through the upliftment of these energies of maleficence.

The energies of darkness convincing the ego self that it is of the Light, which nevertheless, cannot stop itself from from speaking out that which is of the darkness, being drawn out by the Light.

Cruelty Purity Tests:
When serving the nation is revealed as a religiose domination and punishing.

Witnesses Of Hospital Siege Slaughters:
The horror of watching the disabled, wounded, sickly, dialysis patients, cancer patients, babies, women, ICU patient, the elderly, the innocent sheltering, being systemically eradicated. Horrors which unleash legions of energies separated from love, and compassion, planetary wide.
Whilst no law, no court, no state, no group, no voice, no leaders supplying arms and funds could, nor would, nor did, stop the slaughter and destruction.
Hospitals, schools, refugee camps, ‘anything that moves’ stratagems against the indigenous peoples of the lands.
Revenge on a thousand year tradition of succor in the ancient holy lands.
Ridding the lands once holy of all abominations of ‘Other’.

Thieves of Life:
Robbing the innocent of their right to life.

Lands Once Holy, Defiled:
Scythes of death demolishing everything in their path.
A slaughter of the innocents and witnesses alike.

Perhaps extending a pardon from death the lives of two million peoples, half of which are children, instead of turkeys?

Shackled In Armageddon

Preposterous Presenting As Rational:
A justification of the mass murder of thousands as ridding the land of nazi’s, whilst actual, self-proclaiming nazi’s with all accouterments, parade and march in the streets. Restraint free collective projection as justification for annihilation of ‘Other’.

Shackled In Armageddon:
Unshackled expressions of torture, humiliation, suffering, and hatred upon the shackled.

Lambs of the propaganda.
Lambs of the slaughter.

Voice Of An Energy To Come:
“We will force the planetary peoples to bend to our will, our propaganda, our Deity, our modes and ways of life, our prescriptions of law.”
Darkness clings to the heart aligned, suppressing the energies of Love.
Appeals to heaven to destroy and punish in the name of vengeance piety.
Remove thy beam, remove thy beam from thine eye.

Friendship Song As The Inverse of Love
“Within a year,” the babes of innocence sing, “we will annihilate everyone.”

Seek not the counsel of the unmerciful.

A Holy Symbol Of The Integration of The Divine and Human:
A holy symbol of the integration of the Divine and human, used as war graffiti, a symbol of subjugation.

Free Will As Choice:
How does an embodied soul counteract the energies of darkness?
By choosing, in the presence of collective pressure and fear, to align with the energies of Love and Light.

False Redeemers:
’Saving” through punishment, coercion and control.
You will know them by their deeds.
Love presented to the people as weakness.
Harsh realities unfold.

In The Presence Of The Energies Of Wrath Unleashing Upon The Planet:

Become aware of alignments with the energies separated from love.

Become aware of those who align with the energies of darkness presenting as pious and of the Light.

Become aware of influences of authority, devoid of love.

Become aware of energies that seek to allow hope of being found worthy to change, to be redeemed, to die.

Become aware of the unmerciful who justify their heart alignments with the energies of punishment.

Become aware of the energies separated from love and justified as righteous.

Arresting children.
Slaughtering children.
Six thousand children dead during seven weeks of vengeance.
(*Not accounting for the children under the rubble.)

The rising energies of the great hate coming forward.
All shall be tested by the tenets of Love.
Which shall you choose beloveds?
Which shall you choose?

Sanctioning Of Violence Laws:
The right to defend oneself with due and overwhelming force, against, ‘Other’.
Thou shall not kill?

“The populace unwilling to support state sanctioned violence?”
Introducing…”There’s a law for that.”

Promises Of The Destruction To Come:
The energies of self-loathing rising to the consciousness and then surgically projected out onto “Other’.

“Oh, that blood on our hands?”
The justification of the inverse reasoning of bringing light to the darkness through violence.
The heartless expressions of the energies of zealotry.

Compulsive Projections Of Terror:
Unhealed energies of the consciousness of fear projected onto ‘Other’ with brutal and horror filled outcomes.
A time of great punishings coming forward.
Fear not for this has been foretold.

Identified As Unhinged:
Compassion for ‘Other’.
Identified As Righteously Ecclesiastical:
Encouragement and reinforcement of punishing, control, and rulership of ‘Other’ in our Deity’s name.

Reality Inverted:
Teachings of love and the way of peace misconstrued as inducing the energies of extreme fear, dread and horror.

The energies of Light redefining reality through moral reflection.
Alignment through the heart or the ego?

Redeemers of Forced Repentance:
“Do you condemn?”
“Do you renounce?”
“Do you regret?”
“Do you submit?”
“Do you capitulate?”
“Will you comply?”
“Will you concede?”
“Will you bend the knee?”
Inquisitions have never been, nor shall they ever be, redemptive.

Mind Games:
The energies of darkness will seek to exploit the mind with the intention to convince the self that they are not love, and that Love is not real.

Love is the Alpha and Omega.

Colonization consciousness presented as the ‘spirit’ of democracy.
Religious colonization consciousness presented as the ‘spirit’ missing in democracy.

Projection as justification for the coveting of thy neighbors goods and lands.

The Politics Of Freedom For Some:
“Is your populace difficult to control?”
Introducing – “Administrative Detentions.”
Coming to an authoritarian democracy near you.

Guantanamo Consciousness:
The justification of torture and false imprisonment as a necessity of safety.

Free Speech Austerity Measures:
Choking expressions of compassion.
Welcome to the Occupation.

“Go South!” “You will be safe there.”
Targeting fleeing evacuees and leaving their bodies exposed and unburied along the road.
Our truth will set you free.

Must Be Revealed To Be Healed:
Unbound expressions of righteous cruelty.

Difficult for the heart to process – incarcerating children.

Keeping The Momentum Of Peace Expanding:
A call for the opening of hearts to the rising energies of compassion, respect, and love.

The iron-fist rests before exploding an outpouring of rage and hell-fire against the innocent.

The heart cannot erase the memory of adult soldiers in full military gear carrying guns, arresting children in school uniforms carrying cartoon inspired backpacks.

Blurring Genocide:
There is no blurring of the reality of genocide for the children going through it.
Blessed are the children.

Democracy Entrapped:
The forced submissions of humility and allegiance towards supremacists.

The Rise Of The Mega/Gigayacht Class:
The incremental Neo-liberal destruction of humanity in service of the few.

Manufacturing Consent:
Revenge and punishment of Other presented as scapegoat, with targeted projections of unhealed consciousness, expressing as rage, righteous vengeance and gaslighting.

Becoming consciously aware of expressions of anti-Love.
The somnolent awaken.

Breeding Hatred:
The artful education of the innocent to the doctrines of hatred and fear of ‘Other’.

Servants Of Humanity:
Absorbing, containing, transforming the energies of darkness in service to the expanding energies of Light and Love so that humanity may feel a greater availability of space within their hearts.

A rising of the energies of freedom.

Light emerging from the void.

Extraordinary Measures In A Time of Mass Slaughter and Destruction:
A free flowing, replenishment of the scythes of death.

The rising the hearts of humanity as empires fall.
All blessings.

Your Lying Eyes:
What? What war crimes?

Forceful Attacks:
Annihilating the existence of the centers of mercy whilst unleashing the energies of terror and torture.

The adjudication of the compassion of millions portrayed as moral rot.
Woeful sons and daughters aligning with the energies of belligerence.
The sorrows of living in an inverse reality of Love.

Revelations of Love:
Love, it knows no strangers.

Worthy Of Love:
Thy neighbor.

Fascism as the consciousness of hatred of ‘Other’.

Fascism Vengeance Tour:
Reigning hell on Democracy.

My Tribe?
All of humanity.

Freedoms Of Other Prohibited:
Religious men with charitable guns on the prowl.
Only prayer can cease the violence of the pious browed.
“This belongs to me not you, get out or we shall kill you” their howl.
Religious men with guns on the prowl.

Not Good For Legacy Businesses Of Attention:
Ceasefires – Peace.

Media Crusades:
Haughty investments in service to propagandizing mass destruction.
The best Orwellian realities money can buy.

Principles of love and mutual equity presented to the people as guilt, fear, inducing.

The Energies Of Darkness:
Whilst the energies of darkness-separation from love, cannot be defeated,
these energies can be transformed into the energies of Love.

If your heart is being prepared for war,
it is being taught to leave the Heart of the Christ.

Unvirtuous Virtues:
Self importance as virtuous.
Venality as candor.
Expressions of hatred as strength.
Desecration of other as righteous.
Cruelty as meritorious.
Humility mocked as weakness.
The currency of adoration.
Concecrating wealth.
Superseding love for wrath.

The upliftment of the chalice of power and domination.

Wrath consciousness the antithesis of the consciousness of love.

Collective bloodletting and wrathful torture in service to power and end times satiation.

Aggrandizing The Sheath:
Energies cannot be reigned in, only transformed.

Warrant For Indefinite Detention:
Our fears.

The perceived right to the unilateral control of ‘Other’.
Forced will theologies and technologies.

The Unhealed Revealed:
A revolution historical against being rule by colonizers,
followed by a colonizing genocide of the Indigenous peoples.

Cognitively Dissonant:
Wrath theology.