The Luminescence of Hope

That which was fore-ordained comes forth.

Visions Received in 2023

Indigenous Cleansing’s

The energies of “I don’t need to respect you”, given license.
A message for all peoples planetary-wide.

Wild West settler-style indigenous cleansings.

Erasing abominations of idol worship from the holy lands.

The courage of the peoples of Eire full of heart and compassion.
All blessings.

Purity Tests:
“With or against us.”
“Have you been saved?”

Settlers Man In Washington:
The rise of the righteous punisher.
Wise in the ways of the law and the good Book.

Making The Lands Unclean:
“The releasing of all restraints.”
A defiling of the Holy lands through
the blood of innocents.

This genocide will be remembered in the heart’s of history.

He who betrayed-US speaks to the nations of the morality of war.

When large portion of embodied souls – humanity – is able to perceive each others humanity, in the moment – in embodied time – there will be little need of suffering.

Authoritarian Playbook:
Cynical use of a humanitarian crisis to achieve long term, political, theological, military, and corporate goals.
Prayers for the suffering of a planet.

The hope of humanity.

Generation Shameless:
The wanton slaughter of children.
The homeless arrested for their poverty.

“Leave, Now!”
Go south, you will be safe.
Until we bomb you there too.
Trusting us will set you free.

That which is unhealed revealed.

Wretched will be your memory etched in the history of humanity.

Policing Speech:
“Dial It Down.”
The Nation of the Free requests reigning in reporting of the suffering.
Revelations of truth portrayed as harming security.

The Old King:

The old king
wouldn’t listen to a thing
not the pleading,
the wailing,
the crying,
nor the sounds of children dying.

Old Boys Club:
Appeasing Authoritarians

Power Hungry:
A betrayal of the principles of Democracy.

The Rise of Political Saviors:
“Only I can save you.”
“I am here to do our Lord’s work.”

“Raining hellfire down upon unarmed civilians.”

When ‘Other’s’ are defined as terrorists, entire civilian populations become vulnerable to collective punishment and mass murder.

Field Tested Technologies and Armaments:
Welcome to the Occupation.

As the planetary peoples awakened they began to comprehend the meaning of martyrs.

They Are Not Numbers:
‘Targeted’ and ‘surgical’ strikes expand in meaning.

Colonialism Consciousness:
Oppressor as victim and oppressed as aggressor.

If one can pause bombing for prayer why not then for humanity?

Even as all communication connections are cut,
Divine Connection remains intact.

The Fallacy Of Righteous Revenge:
The bombings of Schools, Hospitals, Health Centers, Refugee Camps, Bakeries, Homes, Mosques, Businesses, Marketplaces, Salons, Barber Shops, Apartment Buildings and Life itself.

A Planet Capitalized:
Private ownership and profiteering off of the suffering of the people and shared resources.
A cannibalization of embodied life in service to profit.

Demonizing Other:
Green lighting vassals of violence.

Behold the rage of the political messiahs of death and cruelty.

Destroying Hope Of A Future:
The unfettered violence of colonization consciousness.
The dismantling and destruction of the humanity of ‘Other’.

Unfinished Work:
The self-righteous religious fervor of Cotton Mather revived claims the House.

Undemocratic – Theocratic Regimes:
Guarding, protecting, and defending morality laws imposed upon the people with an iron fist.
Version Americana with bounty hunters.

Visions of Collective Beauty.
O beautiful humanity!
How brave the chants
and songs of protest
filled with compassion.
I weep and bow to your
soul’s collective beauty.

Precision Strike Technologies:
“It was the other team who killed your family members, neighbors, and friends.”
Witnessing the horrors of state of the art armament technologies raining upon a peoples imprisoned.

Perhaps the violence you are expressing has gone too far when repressive regimes are speaking out against the violence?

The Holy Lands Defiled:
The sorrows and screams of the embodied souls of Gaza buried under the rubble of revenge.
The dreams of the innocents killed roam the lands in sorrow.

Colonizer Consciousness:
Revelations of genocidal actions as “independence”.
Self-determination for me but not for thee.

Democratic Escalators of Violence:
Leaders of Democracies escalate violence in the Middle East under the guise of security.
Rather than bringing forth peace and healing – a bringing forth instead of fighter jet’s, bunker buster bombs, armaments and technologies of the Iron Fist.
Flooding of all zones with violence.

Collective Punishment:
The slaughter of the imprisoned peoples will not absolve the sins of the past.
Only transformation brought forth by the Light will redeem and heal the traumas of the past.
That which is unhealed revealed.

Atonement Exercises:
Hyper intense kill rates of civilians.

“Your Lives Do Not Matter.”
The righteous vengeance of the messiahs of cruelty.

Hellish Reality:
The dropping of bombs makes it unnecessary to look into the eyes of the civilians cowering and crying in fear before their deaths.
Prayers for the innocent.

Cynical Paranoia:
Our ‘fears’ are informing our heart’s and reason.

Old School Worship:
Offended and fearful of your existence, our Deity commands us to slaughter kin, neighbor, and culture.

Field Tested Urban Genocidal Technologies:
The destruction of ‘anything which moves’ in an urban setting.
Welcome to the Occupation.

Behold The Wrath Of The Zealots.
You knew they were convicted zealots and still your support never wavered.

Daily Grind:
Under the guise of supremacist purity – shootings, spittings, beatings, harassment.

Welcome To The Occupation

Infanticide Disinheritance:
3,195 Children murdered in 21 days of rampage.
*Not counting the children under the rubble.

Friendly generals and staff ‘assisting’ in the war room.
Welcome to the Occupation.

The intellectual children of colonization would like to inform you that the narrative of the colonization you are witnessing is a false narrative.

Realpolitik – Genocidal Solution Consciousness:
Genocide never looks like what it is as it is unfolding to bystanders.
Insidious energies masquerading as divine right.

9/11 Redux – The Silencings Return.
Surveillance, arrests, suspensions, and firings for speaking out against the mass murder of civilians.
Money, technology, arms, soldiers and media assistance for those who support the violence.
Welcome to the worldwide Occupation.

Vulture Capital Funds:
Leaving the poor hungry and abandoned in service to shareholder profits.

Slaughter of the Innocents:
No bread, no water, no hospitals, no mercy.

There is no spiritually uplifting word to describe the mass murder of civilians.

See With New Eyes:
For the people shall become the leaders when leaders fail to lead.

There is no spiritually uplifting word to describe the mass murder of civilians.

Whilst billionaires hoard, the poor starve and are harassed and arrested for homelessness.

A weaponizing of the sufferings of the past as justification for committing war crimes in the present.

Expressing sorrows for the suffering propagandized as hate speech.

Phosphorus Bombs:
Burnt sacrifices.

Seeing Devils Everywhere:
Seeing devils everywhere except within one’s mind.
Projection based punishing’s upon ‘Other’.

Settlers Representatives In Washington:
14.3 billion dollars in support of the mass killings of civilians.

O’Israel will your thirst for revenge ever be quenched?
You gave the world precious little time to mourn with you.

There is nothing heroic about killing unarmed citizens penned in by occupation.

The return of ‘Collateral Damage’ political talking points and media assessments.

Repentance Investigators:
Enforced repentance’s brought to you by the spiritual warriors for a pious America.

Light revealing alignments with the energies of darkness is how God cleanses the world of the energies of evil.

Punishing’s for violating the laws of “our’ Deity.

Spiritual Warfare.

Warfare Upon The Spirit of Other:
Punisher’s casting out the demons of “Others”.
A rise in fevered prayer warfare.

Prayer Warfare.

God does not unleash violence and forced repentance upon humanity – humans do.

Pious warriors ‘claim’ the nation for their Deity.

Prophetic visions and warnings of the rise of the energies of darkness meant to be released and transformed by the Light of God and not aligned with or expressed through the human body.

A disciplining of the apostates brought to you by the Restoration and Repentance of the Nation Super-Pac.

Behold the claims of divine political authority by the apostles of dominance and warfare.
No love, no love. The people can feel there is no love.

A Law Unto Themselves:
A rise in religious-political activists through corruptions of the rule of law.

An Unfinished Work:
A rise in puritanical like policing of sexuality and sexual preferences, evil spirits, and women’s autonomy. As it was, so it rises again.

Fanatical Zealotry:
Cleansing the Nations of “Other”.

Wielding the power of the churches from the speakers podium.

Spiritual Warfare:
“Us versus Other”.
A denial of the divinity within all of God’s Creations.

Advancing the religious interests of authoritarian control through politics and law.

The Idolatry Of Power:
Our Deity informs us that we are mandated to rule over and control the nation.
Freedom sacrificed on the altar of authoritarianism.

Biblical Worldview:
Only our good Book shall ye read, others we shall ban, that is our decree.
Field tested enforcement in prisons and schools.
People of the Nation of the Free no longer free.

An Unfinished Work:
The nationalizing of ‘our’ Christian laws and decrees.
The undermining of Democracy in service to Theocracy.

Frenzied, Paranoia Inspired, Rampages and Sorties:
Slaughtering women and children
based on their potential to bring harm in the future.
When massacring extends from womb to birth.
The energies of darkness rising are strong in this alignment.

Soundbites of Terror:
How many times can you say the word “Hamas” in sixty seconds?
Inspiring terror and the dehumanization of an entire people through the media.

The closer my heart grows to those who have been found irrelevant of deserving
to live life, the more irrelevant my presence becomes.
Thank You my Beloved God for this honour.

“Click here!” “Support Me!”
“Why we will tell you what is going on in a time of crisis – for a fee.”
The commodification of shared humanity.

The grateful heart finds ways to express itself through Grace.

Bi-Polar Legislating:
Watch how beautifully and patriotically those who legislate
come together in a bi-partisan manner when it comes to war.
A fortuitous time to suspend liberties and expand surveillance.

Old School Wisdom:
It’s earned in time.

Mutual Support:
“We’ll help you set up your authoritarian apparatus and then you can help us set up ours.”

Are the people of the Nation of the Free watching or learning
about something your religious views do not approve of?
“We have a corporate solution for you!”

“Stocks Are Up!”
The great unifier in times of crisis – profits.
Profitable interventions, field testing weapons and technologies.

As The World Watches In Horror:
Traumatized people traumatizing peoples.

Divine Right Of Kings – Super Pac Leadership:
Corporate and/or theological oriented governance.

American warships delivering weapons and blocking the arrival of water, food, medications and humanitarian supplies arriving by the sea. No Mercy.

Disproportionate violence is disproportionate violence.

I am a voice of the laments of humanity,
a container of sorrows to be shared and held,
a witness to the energies of darkness expressing and manifesting,
and a voice of the Light which is to come.

A juncture of prayer, piety, and peace.

A Grief Beyond Bearing:
The Cruelties of Empires Collapsing

Lambs of Peace – Lambs of Sorrow:
The innocent desecrated by the bombs of revenge and hatred.

Brutal, Messy, and Ugly:
The leaders and corporate media of the nations of democracy and human rights, amplifying the divine right of violent genocide.
Behold the iron dome of digital ignorance.

“Our” deity has informed us that we have a mandate to slaughter you as a means to keep our religion of choice, our peoples, pure.
Religious heresies in a time of the fall of empires.

Born in Palestine – Bethlehem.
Raised in Palestine – Nazareth.
Gathered disciples in Palestine – Galilee.
Preached in Palestine – died in Palestine.
*WWJD? What Would Jesus Do? A bygone era Christian slogan of compassion and love.

A Grief Beyond Bearing – Infanticide:
Children torn from the arms of their Mothers and Fathers.
No limits revenge.

Media Cover:
Circular and triangulating censuring arguments as morality purity tests.
Providing cover for acts of barbarism and extreme cruelty.
Proof of loyalty to “us or them” narratives.

Aligning With The Forces of Darkness:
The bombing of civilians walking the Al Rashid coastal highway heading south for safety, their lifeless bodies strewn on the highway.
The bombing of schools with people sheltering in them, the bombing of churches, the bombing of mosques, the bombing of ambulance convoys seeking to evacuate the sick, the bombing of solar panels on hospitals, the blockade of medicines for hospitals, the bombing of a children’s hospital, the bombings of fishing boats (means of gathering food), the bombing of humanitarian aid, the bombing of people sheltering at the gates of hospitals for safety, the bombing of innocent people in prison camps – i.e. refugee camps, the use of phosphorus bombs on innocent civilians, the use of bombs which leaves buildings intact but the people dead, the bombing of reporters and the destruction of their entire families and apartment buildings, the justification of bombing of innocents by dehumanizing them as human shields and animals. The language of religious justification for genocide.
Woe and sorrows. Woe and sorrows.

Online ‘Us vs Them’ Trolling:
Is the comment dehumanizing and cruel?
Does the commenter have a few subs and no video’s?
Does it promote inflammatory and racist views?
Chances are these are ‘pay to say’ comments justifying cruelty and death.

Obsessed With Death and Cruelty:
Satiating the sadists and psychopaths amongst us – the sick of mind and spirit, with acts of mass cruelty devoid of humanity.

The leaders of the nations professing their commitment to human rights reveal their aversion for peace.

Rural To Urban Warfare:
From rice patties to cities.
Once dumb now smart.

Embracing The Dark Side:
The practices of torture returns and is once again, embraced.
Prayers for the suffering.

As The Empire Crumbles:
The ‘democratic’ choice between a man who savors corruption and venality -or- a man who savors asymmetrical wars of annihilation and vanity.

Leave! Go South! Evacuate!
Lifeless bodies of the innocent strewn along the evacuation highway.
Our truth will set you free.

Is it a heroic act to kill women, children, unarmed men, the disabled, the sick, the dying, the elderly, the starving, those without water or fuel?
Just asking for a friend.

At The Gates Of No Mercy:
Welcome to hell on Earth.
Welcome to the world wide Occupation.

Old School Worship:
Smite them all.

Standing for the freedom and humanity of those deemed as ‘Other’ is never a false belief.
Rather standing for the freedom and humanity is a consciousness based in love.
It is the truth of who we are as a planetary people.
It is a tenet of the Teachings of Christ Jesus – “Love one another as I have loved you.”
If you are cheering on, or enabling the slaughter of ‘Other’ you have left the body of Christ.
*WWJD? What Would Jesus Do? A bygone era Christian slogan of compassion and love.
WWJD? Bring it back to life!

Allowing For Death Of Innocents:
No matter how many you imprison, starve, deprive of water, medicine, help and aide…
No matter how many or how cruelly you kill innocent civilians and thousands of children…
No matter how genocidal your language or actions…
The nations of democracy will support you unconditionally.
Offerings of billions for the killing of civilians.
As the masks drop, those who allow for the death of innocents emerge.

When The Masks Drop

“Shhh – don’t point out the barbarity unfolding, you might upset those unwilling to condemn it.”

Re-Creating History:
Democracies of genocide, democracies of rage and revenge.

Annoying Media Responses To Collateral Damage Bombing?
Our private industry representatives have a corporate solution for you.
Stealth bombs – kill the living and leaving buildings intact.
You will know the children of the darkness by their actions.

When The Masks Drop:
Authoritarian regimes of the hegemonies of racism, religious intolerance, and political corruption reveal hidden hatreds and a penchant for cruelty, seeking out for punishment all who are not made in their image and likeness.
Having no policies for mutual growth, regimes turn to death and cruelty.
A sign of empires collapsing.
Trust. All must be revealed.

“We feel unsafe due to your acts of cruelty.”

Dear God,
Beloved of my heart, give me the strength to witness these acts of cruelty without becoming one with the energies. Help me to ‘Remember Love.’ I feel the smallness of anger coming upon my heart and mind my God. I feel so helpless in the presence of the energies of darkness. My heart feels crushed by the sorrows and the wails of grief. I ask for Your Mercy and that You might strengthen Your Light within me.
with love,
I am, Your daughter, Your servant, Your creation.

Do not give up on the precepts of Peace.
The darkness must be revealed to be healed.