The Luminescence of Hope

That which was fore-ordained comes forth.

Visions Received in 2023

Robes Of Darkness

The innocent called to support the corrupt.

A rising of the sons of the Father of Sorrows.

The will come a time when the darkness we traversed together as embodied souls will be a memory of a time before the Advent of Light.

All Blessings.

Robes of Darkness:
Lo and behold!
You shall be in awe of our riches and gold.
Innocence betrayed this time foretold
when all is lost to those who will not release
their fevered hold.

Money Matters:
A rolling out the carpet of red and gold,
Yea, a feting for an autocratic Father audacious and bold.

Welcome aboard this tin can.
Your money, we shall take, as much as we can.
Your safety, no thought has been given.
Yea, there is no safety plan.

Which God Do You Serve?
Shall thy voices of proclamation bring forth
the words of love or of war and hatred of ‘Other’?

Is It Love?
Test the validity of the negative thoughts moving through your neural networks.

Legacy of Colonialism:
Settler rage rampages.

Children Robbed of Innocence:
Projecting and punishing the sins of the clerics onto the queens.

Projections of willfulness onto The People as the Will of God.

The New Master:
I shall remove by the force that which offends thine eye.

Fear of Other:
Justifying the fear of ‘Other’ through protective legislating and rulings.

The New Heretics:

Sincere believers crusading to cast out the demons of ‘Other’.

The intolerant request that the People of the Nation of the Free
tolerate sincerely held beliefs of intolerance.

War On Otherness:
War room strategies designed to manufacture hatred and intolerance
against the perceived enemies of God and nation.

This Dark Passage We Must Traverse

A rising of the hyper masculine soldier warrior to fight against ‘Otherness’.

The pious warrior doth speaketh with a violent tongue.

And the new master looked upon the sufferings of ‘Other’
yea, not to lift them up in the love of the Christ,
but to cast them out and wield them as Caesar’s cudgel.

An identification of ‘Other’ as a target for elimination.
Woe O Nations of the Free. Woe.

The crusaders for God bringing their image and likeness of a holy land
to the Nation of the Free.

This dark passage we must traverse,
a time in which the soul is well versed.
Do not look upon “Other’ and curse,
for such hatred only fills another’s coffers and purse.

“Love One Another” the Commandment shared.
Give your heart unto God and show you care.
For the lords and masters who come forth,
are here to sow sorrow and despair.

Anti-Terrorism Operations:
Besieging villages until the inhabitants give up their land.
Political-religious campaigns of extermination of ‘Other’.

Climate Change:
Interrupts life as one knows it.

Wealth borne off the toil of others.

All Knowing Intelligence:
Why go artificial when you have innate?

“Our” Values:
The freedom to be as I AM made thee.

The energies of darkness can never, ever, be controlled.
The energies of darkness can only be transformed, redeemed in Love.

Lo, every being and every thing shall awaken,
The One in the every and the every in the One.
All Blessings.

The freedom of the soul to learn and grow in time.

The imprisonment of the embodied soul in time and space in
service to the maximization of profit and gain.
Woe O beloved’s. Woe.

Unhoused, Unfed, Uncared For:

The silence of indifference. The punishing of the “poor amongst us.”

Thine Eye is Offended:
Political theological orthodoxies.

The New Master:
From cradle to grave enslavement.
It’s for life.

Concertina’d Waters:
Torture comes to the suffering.

To keep one’s faith is to trust in the power of Light and Love.

There is nothing so glorious as the power of loving one another.

Cruelty seeks the innocent.

Political Purity Tests For Citizens:
“Are your intentions pure?” Ask those who govern.
Purity testing of We The People.

The New Master as the Father of Control.

For Public Consumption:
“Don’t cross me”, spectacles of violence.

520 Bills – Alliance of the Concerned and Politically Pious:
Legally binding pious punishing of those deemed heretics labeled as ‘Other’.

No Child Left Alone:
What shall you do when these laws against Other comes for your child?

Voices of The Concerned for ‘Other’:
“Why we are depriving you of your freedoms and liberties for your own safety and well being.” “These laws are for your betterment.”

Dominant Narratives:
Spectacles of cruelty.

Woe O Beloved Nations:
Violence accelerators become emboldened.
Woe O Nations. Woe.

Stochastic – Aimed At We The People:
Energies conveying through speech, laws, and actions, hate, desecration, and the right to control and/or all designated as “Other”.

Stochastic Speech:
Desecration of the Word.

Sorrow and death are the fruits of stochastic speech.

Stochastic Distress:
The means by which a milieu of powerful Punishers encourage random groups and individuals, through insulting, hateful, scornful, denigrating, judging, and cruel, speech, laws, and actions, to harm individuals (including children) deemed as “Other”; whilst maintaining the purity of Caesar’s hands.
The antithesis of the Teachings of “Love one another.”

Be Aware O Beloveds:
Be Aware O Beloveds, for those who align with the energies separated from love will seek to rile you. Through the manifestation of the energies of intolerance, rage, humour, piety, and fear.
Then observe, oft times with awe, how the common man and woman, as well as groups, act out their inner fantasies of violence and/or control.

Pious Punishers – embodied souls who seek power as divine right – individual and societal control – adoration, and attention through the energies of obfuscation, fear, control, manipulation, rage, bullying, shaming, and laws against “Other”.

Pleading for Barabbas

Corporate Capture:
The saturated market comes for life.

Committed Devotion:
Pleading for Barabbas.

Vanity, Hubris:
The king acquiesced the nation.

Nation Awash in Private Equity:
Pleasantly or unpleasantly, the consciousness’ of greed and desecration led the nation down a similar path.
Woe, O Nation. Woe.

Fear Not. The Divine Within.
Internal struggle between expanding cosmic universal energies and contractive dense three dimensional energies.

Choose One Or All:
I express trust.
I express hope.
I express love.
I express respect.
I express compassion.
I express tolerance.

It’s Powerful!
Counteract the energies of separation and polarity with love.

Malaise of Authoritarians:
Unhappiness with the rights of ‘Others’.

One Family Tree:
Racial pride cometh before the fall.

Vengeance Justice As Retribution:
Punishing the innocent for the crime of ‘Other’.

As the energies of cruelty rise, remember love in their presence.
Ask yourself “Who is calling for my blood to be shed? Who is calling for another’s blood to be shed?”
Who is coercing violence and cruelty into the political mindscape of We The People and most importantly of all, why?

Anything For The Win:
False sacrifices in order to secure righteous domination.

A Sorrowful Tale Of Misbegotten Loyalty:

The king, wise in all manner of emotional choreography,
did cry out unto his true believers:
“For I am your justice, Punisher of the wicked, a remedy for
your woes, a nemesis for your foes.”

And the kings true believers cried out in response:
“For we are your justice, we shall punish the wicked in your name,
we shall send you remedies for your woes,
we shall be a nemesis for all your foes.”

A guiding energy in which embodied souls who have lost trust in God’s Plan for the Earth, deem it necessary, and godly, to control God’s Creation’s.

The infliction of the energies of vengeance, trauma, and fear upon The People.

Subtle acts of cruelty as proof of ruler-ship purity.

2025 – Dismantling Democracy:
Blueprint for the creation of a politicized theocratic nation.

In their innocence, The People could not conceive of that which was coming forward.

Borne of Chaos:
The energies of darkness seek to overwhelm and exhaust.
Be still.

For Sale:
The marketing of intimidation and fear.

Corporate Gold:
Authoritarians meet a friendly press.

A subordination of truth and ethics in service to the dismantling of the Nation of the Free.

The swords of self-righteousness strike behind shields of hubris.

As illusions fall away, truth emerges in the moment.

O what a sorrowful day
when our hallowed Capitol
was framed within a gallows.

The firm hand of the authoritarian Father reaching into Nations of the Free.

The duly elected in service to spectacle
as the dismantling of the Nation of the Free continues unbound.

A rising of the cult of self.

“Why It’s Just Weather!”
Climate denial brought to you by virtuous capitalism.

AI realities deadens humanity.

Siege for the liege lord.

Silence, in the end, is acquiescence.

Grooming the Multitudes:
A coming forth of violent spectacles of collective madness.

Violence in service to the energies of darkness.

Political theocracies created to remind “Other” of their place.

The rising of the energies of fear as a determining factor for the freedoms and rights of We the People.

“But The Children!”
The innocent used as a means to achieve political-theocratic goals.

Guantanamo Bay:
The Nation of the Free’s memorial tribute to torture.

War on Humanity:
The war on terror as a continuation of the genocide of Other-brown peoples of the Middle East.

Three Memorials To The War On Other:
Guantanamo, Abu Gharib, Baghram.

The genocide of men, women, and children in the name of the right to defend one’s self.

The world watches the retributive blood-lust and nary a leader says “stop”.

Division For Dollars:
Fountainheads of free flowing greed.

Justified Brutal Force:
From enhanced interrogation centers to the American streets.

Hunting for the ‘unbelievers’.

The “Awe Shucks” Candidate:
“My, what sharp teeth you have.”

Cruelty For Clicks:
Cruelty thought to be edgy, will indeed be seen as unjust and cruel.

Energies of Dominance:
When the genocide of brown peoples is permitted by populations which looks nothing like them.

Jim Crow Policing 2023:
Justified Force.

Rising of religious xenophobia and the deaths of millions.

Trickle down destruction of the Nation of the Free.

Fires, Flood, Hurricane’s and Tornado’s:
The right to shelter (*migrants not included).

Too big to fail and too big too big to jail are not democratic principles.

Living in a Land of Make Believe:
A time in which the energies of authoritarian invaders and occupiers are seen as righteous and resistance as terrorism.
O woe ye nations.
O woe.

Supremacy Paradigms:
A situation in which people who are perceived as ‘fair’ are recognized as victim and those who skin tones are ‘brown and black’ are perceived as dangerous and terrorists.
*Guidance received to correct to ‘fair’.

Investor Alert!
Beach front properties available for development soon.
There will be no right to return.

Disproportionate coverage of the suffering under authoritarian and religious zealots.

9/11 Redux:
Brown people = terrorists.
Permissive genocide.

No Where To Hide:
Janus political maneuvers in service to authoritarians.

The unresolved traumatic collective psyche seeks relief in blood-lust and retribution.

9/11’s – Arms dealers delight.

The leader of the Nation of the Free silences calls for restraint and ceasefire in the presence of genocide.

Shared Values Of Colonization:
Genocide of “Other”.

Shall ye awaken to the rising forces of darkness which seeks to guide your heart?

A rising of corruptions for all to see.
The unknowledgeable become wise.
The blind begin to see.

Visions anchored October 14, 2023

It’s The Other Team.
Got caught in a pesky war crime by the global community?
Introducing new and improved Hasbara!
Our teams will wipe away culpability for war crimes
seeding feeds and comment sections sowing doubt and
landing the blame on the ‘Other’ team within an hour of reporting.
Scholarships available!

Scorched Earth Vengeance:
Colonial democracies allow for rampages, rage filled vengeance, desecration of the Holy and mass murder.
1000 bombs a day dropped on a people imprisoned.

Bothersome free-speech advocates and reporters calling out your authoritarian actions?
Democracies for Authoritarians presents:
“Ban ‘em, imprison ‘em, and disappear ‘em.”
Coming to a democracy near you.

We shall not stop destroying until we control all.

Colonization Colloquialism Shieldings:
“We tortured some folks.”
“The other team did it.”

We enter the time of the revelations of the consciousness of colonization.

The body of the prophet fills with the screams of the suffering
and the rages of violence.
May God lift all into the Light.

Daughter of My Heart,
this Gift I have given unto thee to ‘see’,
comes with it beloved, the willingness to
be with, and bear witness, to the suffering and sorrows
of all humanity.
Bear with daughter.
Bear with.

Imprisoned for the crime of Other.

Watch the Light of God as it arises in the heart of humanity.
Yea, it comes forth, one beloved humanity.

Violence Economy – Cult of Coin and Death:
The collective iron fist of the nations of wealth and unmitigated power
align and arise to silence all who would stand for humanity and compassion.
Be not afraid.

Ethical Breaches:
“Go ahead fine me!”
When financial aristocrats amass power through coin
no longer need to heed the laws of any nation or the will of any peoples.

Flooding all zones with violence.

What, Who, Where?
What is being targeted?
Who is being targeted?
Where are the targets raining destruction?

A band of militants, no army, no air-force, no navy,
a people imprisoned, nary a child, youth, adult, or elderly,
free to defend their lives, safety, or well being, whilst the largest,
wealthiest, military powers in the world give aid to their destruction
and humanity.

Prayers for the innocents.

To The Hungry Faithful:
Watch for those who will rob thee of thy coin
whilst condemning the poor, the widow, and the orphan
for bringing suffering upon themselves.


So heavy a burden daughter,
when you, in your sorrows,
forget the Presence of Me.”

(This is true Beloved, these Guidance’s
You bring to my heart.)

(So difficult, so difficult, my Beloved,
to perceive Your Light, Your Love,
in these times of horrors and darkness.)

“I have not left thee daughter, I AM with thee.
As to whether you can see Me,
it is not time for thee.

“I AM thy heart, I AM thy cells,
I AM thy laugh, I AM thy cries,
I AM these visions and I AM these
questions of why.

Go about thy day beloved daughter,
every departing soul arrives in
My Arms – finds comfort in Thy Heart.

Not alone daughter. Not alone.”

(Thank You Beloved for Thy Word
for even as I cannot perceive Thee
in these lands 3D – I hear Thee.
I hear Thee.)


I AM with thee.
I AM and I AM with thee.”

Shared Destiny
The destiny of all humanity.

The instrument may bear impurities even as the heart is pure.

Woe, the hubris of the propaganda mouthpieces inciting violence and lies.

The killing of children = killing off hope of a future.

The Giver of death.

Morally Corrupt:
Antisemitism and Islamophobia.

Blinkin past the genocide.

Duplicitous political alliances.

War Of Unequals:
Only their hands to dig out the living and the dead.

“It’s My Right.”
Behold the wrath of colonizers.

A vanishing of indigenous lands and rights.
See the energies of separation for what they are.