The Luminescence of Hope

That which was fore-ordained comes forth.

Visions Received in 2023

For that which is good and of God, the Light of Creation, envelopes the footfalls of all embodied souls.

Tempt us not to look out from our inner eyes, bidden us to look within, with You, our Beloved Creator of all Life.

A reversal from what was.
Elevation of the soul and purification of the will.

Embrace of the Light by the will endowed.

In a state of powerlessness and limitations, the will-less will, in unison with heart, readies itself for unification with the One Light.

You shall find Me.
Know how much I loved you before you even knew of Me.

Revelations of the Lamb and the Son.

The ubiquity of Light.

The Luminescence of Hope:
That which was fore-ordained comes forth.

Light brought into view in the presence of darkness.

Revelations of the Light of the Christ.

The bewildered, groaning under the weight of the energies of chaos, arise in Light.

The new master, smart enough to know better, wily enough not to care.

Encounter Culture:
O beloved nation — the enforcers enforce with undue force.

A rise in the re-branded confederacy.

A rise in the “don’t question me”, rulers.

Legislating protection against “Other”.

A dismantling of the Nation’s laws and ethos.

Gaslight Laws:
When legislator’s concern for safety begins to feel like threat.

Zealotry 2.0:
Sponsored by the donor class.

From democracy’s to pyramidal authoritarian schemes.

A re-branding of the term P.C. – from Politically Correct to Punishing and Controlling.

The new (for Democracy) animating principle of political power – reporting on ‘Other’, as a patriotic constitutional duty to the new master’s nation of the unfree.

A dropping of the veils of kindness, compassion, and tolerance in service to the new master’s rise to power.

Authoritarian Values:

Lo and behold! We shall define the rules and parameters of your rights, so that they may reflect the image and likeness of our beliefs.

Now comes forth battles and scandals of the mobster and the torturer for the power of a new nation to be made in their likeness and image. Woe, O Nation. Woe.

There shall come forth, those who shall fight the frequencies of the Light, whilst other embodied souls in humility, shall open their arms, exposing their heart’s to Its Presence.

Everywhere sacred life, yet embodied souls destroy.

The austerity of fascism.

The agonies of corporate greed.

The ethos of self-interest over truth manifesting throughout the free Republic.

Energies of Domination:
Downward pressure on humanity’s growth and expansion.

Reality Takeovers:
Corporate Consciousness Fusion.

Unnatural farming practices leading to unnatural protective remedies.

“The power, it tastes so glorious.” Gilded hands line up.

Paradigms of profiteering collapsing planetary harmony.

Market Powers:
Financial solutions for the homogenization of reality.

Climate Changes and Corporate Profiteering:

Climate change as corporate induced dependencies designed and marketed as to make the planetary populace unaware, dependent, and therefore, complicit, in the ongoing destruction of the planet.

The Source Energy of All Life and Consciousness, never designed to be exploited for personal profit and gain.

Reigning Death:

Death as a business model.De-regulation manifesting as disease, destruction, pollution, and death.Accountability on hold. Risks hidden. Perpetrators shielded. In service to shareholders or humanity?

A punishing of We The People for the sake of increased dividends. Financial solutions punishing the poor and struggling, whilst continuously enriching the hitherto rich.

Planetary Fiefdoms:
The re-serfing of humanity.

Not content with the Wall, it was time to take all.

Generation Complacency:
Moral injuries abound.

A time rising of pious political calculations.

The new master a law unto Himself.

A rising in time in which The People speak their will and those who govern defy their rights.

Algorithmically Yours:
The mapped human brain.

Gilded Giveaways:
A diminishing of the treasures of We The People.

90 Years On:
A redefining and re-rising of the energies of evil.

The perceived scorned, tormenting, torturing, and persecuting women for defying theocratic legislation.

Faithfulness in the presence of historical odds.

Bear with nation. Bear with.

Hidden from the eyes of humanity, recorded in the cosmic records.

Denizens of the Energies of Darkness:
A time of embodied no-limits amorality, mired in a sea of sarcasm.

Deep Fake Reality:
The for-profit purloining of authenticity.

Authoritarian Green Lighting:
Repercussion free finger wagging diplomacy

Veiled double dealing’s of a Neo-liberal, acquiescent king.

Woe, the arbitrariness of authoritarian rulers.

Demoralized Reality:
Imagine a morality in which one is compelled to the share of the dismantling of the nation, whilst not bearing aloft, the ideals which built it.

The Void of the Energies of Separation:
The energies of separation guaranteeing to shock, entertain, and eventually, drain.

Authoritarian Rule:
Regulating legislation of the behaviour’s, morals, and personal responsibilities of The People whilst simultaneously de-regulating and dismantling the responsibilities, actions, and choices, of the private equity and the corporate sector. Now with bonus bailouts!

Acts of Vandalism:
Forrest trees sacrificed and downed for the corporate equity crown.
A new city of armed training for safeguarding the plutocratic when the sorrows begin reigning.

20 Years On – Lessons Not Absorbed:
Private contracting and government obtrusion’s in the Middle East.

Frosty Hearted Legislation:
“Why it’s your right as parents to know your children are safe in their classrooms!”
A banning of books these we shall shun, yet the dreaded killer of the young – the AR-15 gun – becomes a political fashion pun.
O how dark these times have become, so many sorrows facing the young.
Yet do not despair for all is not lost, for awaiting you is a future of Light not of frost.

Neo-liberal conservative politics wrapped in a warm hug.

Shanty-Tent Towns, USA:
As Americans strive to survive in shanty-tent towns, record breaking billion dollar profits with nary a windfall profit tax in sight. After effects of the precision management of the American dream.

Kings of Malfeasance:
Mad kings, acquiescent kings, corporate kings, propaganda kings, private equity kings, theocratic kings, and media kings, competing to remake the Nation of the Free in their image and likeness.

Sanctioned Suffering:
Returning the suffering to the origins of their suffering.

A curbing of the un-comfortability of the comfortable.

Good Guys With Guns:
Glorifying stories and photos of enforcement take-downs of mass shooters as a panacea for the frightened masses.

That which seeks to divide in darkness draws forth the intentions of hope.

Nihilistic energies of dystopia seeking to bear the flag of the masses.

The valorous knight lays siege to the castle and kingdom
whilst the old king rambles and rages.

Flooding the zone …with sorrows.

A Man For This Season:
The rise of a nondescript man with a nondescript name
shunning publicity and the fawning’s of fame,
bringing forth hope and upliftment to a nation in shame.
All blessings.

Light does not change you by force or coercion, rather Light creates the medium in which change can occur with greater freedom and ease.

Billion dollar disruptors of Democratic systems a new for-profit motive,
for all others — a prayer, and perhaps lite a votive.

We, have an unusually high, and at times, delightful,
tolerance for individual freedoms to be, empowering each other
on their journey of awakening and becoming.

But the time has come for change for what is truth for me — for you, is now out of compassionate range.

Trains derailing and water poisonings, the snake awake.
New leases for drilling in pristine waters at stake,
the for-profit motive feeding into climate crises wake.

O what shall you do, screaming and railing against imagine frauds,
whilst truly it seems the darkness some laud.

Here we go into the future together, shall all be for naught for
profit and pleasure?

Our children will experience the sorrows too,
now is the time to stop thinking of profits and you.

Moving forward life will unfold, with these deeds of destruction
bringing forth harm to rich and poor, young and the old.

This future I see, does not have to be,
if we collectively can change from a consciousness of me-me-me,
to We.

The will of the many beholden to the sincere beliefs of the few.

Arising In Light:
A portal opens, Light perceived within as ample to lift one up if one falls.

A rising from the once imprisoning energies of illusion.

The politics of vengeance are the politics of torture.

These visions I will no longer see, when humanity awakens, living from their hearts, empowering the Divine within to be.

Legislating Onerousness:
Claiming access whilst simultaneously legislating onerous deterrents to access.

The infliction of pain as a deterrent to behaviours the authoritarians find offensive.

Inner Cry of the Fascist Heart:
If I can’t feel love, neither will you.
My unity derives from your feeling separate – Othered.

A voice in the wilderness …love.

A breaking of the faith of the people.

Wake Up!
The use of spectacle to redirect debate.

AI – humanity’s intellect bereft the soul of humanity.

Light will oft times bring forth that which was once forgotten.

Privatization of the Commons:
Asking the public to pay for what they already own.

20 Years On:
The ethics of collateral damage infiltrates schools, homes, businesses, holy houses, the home and streets.

Feel good politics in the presence of rising fascism.

Threat as a Form of Torture:
Forcibly taking control of The Nation of the Free through torturous legislating and desecrating spectacles.

In a time of rising authoritarians, internalize the teachings of love.

An Entering Into A Period Of Falling Illusions:
Watch for despair.
Stay present in the unknown.
Do not allow the mind to wander with the energies of fear.

Frequency Changes
Frequencies creating the internal impression of a ‘speeding up’. May create nervous system challenges which can produce cyclical surges of perceiving the energies of anxiety, agitation, and stress.

Climate Politics:
When climate related loss of resources falsely justifies the forced taking of another’s.

Self-coronation’s in the nations of democratic rule.

Old kings, unwilling to let go of power, whilst self-appointed princeling’s and knights await with impudence and impatience for their moment to seize rulership and control.

Banning’s as a key tenet of the Neo-Freedom fighters.

Reality As Asset:
The monetized bending of the boundaries of shared perceptual reality.

Blind Spot:
Legislating the sanctioning of the poor and distressed in oblation to the godhood of the wealth creators. A forgetting of the instruction of charity.

A time coming forward in which those who were protected from feeling and experiencing the energies of distress, guilt, or discomfort, will inevitably create situations in which they may, in embodied form, experience them.

These travails I doth speak, brought forward for all to see.

Diplomatic witnesses evacuate as atrocities perpetuate.

Deliverance of spoon-fed truths.

A lauding of the citizen punisher, the usher of death, the cries of the hungry, the desperate, silenced.

Retribution, the harbinger of the sons and daughters of vengeance.

The rising power of the gilded, unwavering in conviction that the poor pay their fair share – sans mercy.

Transcending the Alpha paradigm.

The Energies of Menace in a Time of Increasing Light:

The energies of menace reign in times of the dark night,
advancing upon one’s heart with dread and fright.
The energies of menace separated from the Light,
seek to control movement forward with obfuscated
interpretations of what is deemed right.

The energies of menace releasing into the Light,
seek willing hearts to increase their might.
These energies coming forward at times full of spite,
seek to undermine compassion and love
with righteous claims to inflict smite.

Fear not beloveds for when these energies appear to create blight,
for in the bespoken times to come,
the power of Love shall gather hearts contrite,
giving rise to an epoch of Love and Light.

A rise in Neo-political saviors, bringing forth the corrupt practices of cruelty, punishment, indifference to suffering, violence, and the demoralization of ‘Other’ not borne in their image and likeness.

A rise in the pernicious steamrolling over the sacred, innate, God-given, personal boundaries of the embodied soul.

The new master at war with collective reality.

The RFID’ing of embodied reality.

Holy Space:
Disconnection from the automation of time in service to the well being of the self, and all.

A rise in enhanced political intimidation techniques.

Citizens delineated as enemy combatants positioned for the punishers retributions.

A time rising in which disruptors become destroyers.

Foot soldiers of the crusade against ‘Other’ on the march.

The wantonness of the punishers revealed.

The abandon of greed.

The energies of hatred corrupting the Spirit.

A rise in the blasphemy of hubris.

The new master gathers his troops.

The new master calls his troops to arms.

The new master, at war with the nation of the free.

Relief as an aspect of the redemptive process of Love.

Profitable Engagement:
Politically derived hysteria as theatre for the masses.

The establishment of compliance controls as to not offend the eye of the sincere believer.

Extracting Advantage:
From colonialism to authoritarianism.

In A Time of Judgement:
Be mindful of generating sorrows and pain onto Other.
“Remember Love.”

Multiple, Historical Timelines Emerging:
Render all ism’s to the transformative potentialities of Love.

Coming Clean:
The truth redemption tour.
All Blessings.

War Room Punisher’s:
Fearless in the application of manipulative technologies.
Lies for the eyes.

Cruel and Unusual:
The posturings of ominous Neo-political saviors.

For Profit Climate Ventures:
When the response to calamity holds greater profitability than preventive measures.

A Separation of Effect From Cause:
A time coming forward of the gilded seeking for hire hardship stand-ins.

The drama of kings endured.

The Polarity of Self-Absorption:

Worshipfully, did the elect look upon their king
giving thanks and singing song.

For One, For All:

On Your Behalf:
“Why I am your liege as I live and breathe.”

A rising coming forward of harsh piety.

A Shock So Great:
Paradigm reality timeline shifts.

Investment Strategy:
Invest love in thy heart.

Shall thee push away, reject, thy own Mother for her supposed shame?

Self-induced Fall from Grace:
Patriarchal theocratic prepotency.

A rising of the policing of the autonomy of citizens with military precision.

The innocent called to support the corrupt.

A rising of the sons of the Father of Sorrows.

The will come a time when the darkness we traversed together as embodied souls will be a memory of a time before the Advent of Light.

All Blessings.

Robes of Darkness:
Lo and behold!
You shall be in awe of our riches and gold.
Innocence betrayed this time foretold
when all is lost to those who will not release
their fevered hold.

Money Matters:
A rolling out the carpet of red and gold,
Yea, a feting for an autocratic Father audacious and bold.

Welcome aboard this tin can.
Your money, we shall take, as much as we can.
Your safety, no thought has been given.
Yea, there is no safety plan.

Which God Do You Serve?
Shall thy voices of proclamation bring forth
the words of love or of war and hatred of ‘Other’?

Is It Love?
Test the validity of the negative thoughts moving through your neural networks.

Legacy of Colonialism:
Settler rage rampages.

Children Robbed of Innocence:
Projecting and punishing the sins of the clerics onto the queens.

Projections of willfulness onto The People as the Will of God.

The New Master:
I shall remove by the force that which offends thine eye.

Fear of Other:
Justifying the fear of ‘Other’ through protective legislating and rulings.

The New Heretics:

Sincere believers crusading to cast out the demons of ‘Other’.

The intolerant request that the People of the Nation of the Free
tolerate sincerely held beliefs of intolerance.

War On Otherness:
War room strategies designed to manufacture hatred and intolerance
against the perceived enemies of God and nation.

A rising of the hyper masculine soldier warrior to fight against ‘Otherness’.

The pious warrior doth speaketh with a violent tongue.

And the new master looked upon the sufferings of ‘Other’
yea, not to lift them up in the love of the Christ,
but to cast them out and wield them as Caesar’s cudgel.

An identification of ‘Other’ as a target for elimination.
Woe O Nations of the Free. Woe.

The crusaders for God bringing their image and likeness of a holy land
to the Nation of the Free.

This dark passage we must traverse,
a time in which the soul is well versed.
Do not look upon “Other’ and curse,
for such hatred only fills another’s coffers and purse.

“Love One Another” the Commandment shared.
Give your heart unto God and show you care.
For the lords and masters who come forth,
are here to sow sorrow and despair.

Anti-Terrorism Operations:
Besieging villages until the inhabitants give up their land.
Political-religious campaigns of extermination of ‘Other’.

Climate Change:
Interrupts life as one knows it.

The New Normal:

Wealth borne off the toil of others.

All Knowing Intelligence:
Why go artificial when you have innate?

“Our” Values:
The freedom to be as I AM made thee.

The energies of darkness can never, ever, be controlled.
The energies of darkness can only be transformed, redeemed in Love.

Lo, every being and every thing shall awaken,
The One in the every and the every in the One.
All Blessings.

The freedom of the soul to learn and grow in time.

The imprisonment of the embodied soul in time and space in
service to the maximization of profit and gain.
Woe O beloved’s. Woe.

Machine fed realities devoid of love.

Unhoused, Unfed, Uncared For:

The silence of indifference. The punishing of the “poor amongst us.”

Thine Eye is Offended:
Political theological orthodoxies.

The New Master:
From cradle to grave enslavement.
It’s for life.

Concertina’d Waters:
Torture comes to the suffering.

To keep one’s faith is to trust in the power of Light and Love.

There is nothing so glorious as the power of loving one another.

Cruelty seeks the innocent.

Political Purity Tests For Citizens:
“Are your intentions pure?” Ask those who govern.
Purity testing of We The People.

The New Master as the Father of Control.

For Public Consumption:
“Don’t cross me”, spectacles of violence.

520 Bills – Alliance of the Concerned and Politically Pious:
Legally binding pious punishing of those deemed heretics labeled as ‘Other’.

No Child Left Alone:
What shall you do when these laws against Other comes for your child?

Voices of The Concerned for ‘Other’:
“Why we are depriving you of your freedoms and liberties for your own safety and well being.” “These laws are for your betterment.”

Dominant Narratives:
Spectacles of cruelty.

Woe O Beloved Nations:
Violence accelerators become emboldened.
Woe O Nations. Woe.

Stochastic – Aimed At We The People:
Energies conveying through speech, laws, and actions, hate, desecration, and the right to control and/or all designated as “Other”.

Stochastic Speech:
Desecration of the Word.

Sorrow and death are the fruits of stochastic speech.

Stochastic Distress:
The means by which a milieu of powerful Punishers encourage random groups and individuals, through insulting, hateful, scornful, denigrating, judging, and cruel, speech, laws, and actions, to harm individuals (including children) deemed as “Other”; whilst maintaining the purity of Caesar’s hands.
The antithesis of the Teachings of “Love one another.”

Be Aware O Beloveds:
Be Aware O Beloveds, for those who align with the energies separated from love will seek to rile you. Through the manifestation of the energies of intolerance, rage, humour, piety, and fear.
Then observe, oft times with awe, how the common man and woman, as well as groups, act out their inner fantasies of violence and/or control.

Pious Punishers – embodied souls who seek power as divine right – individual and societal control – adoration, and attention through the energies of obfuscation, fear, control, manipulation, rage, bullying, shaming, and laws against “Other”.

Corporate Capture:
The saturated market comes for life.

Committed Devotion:
Pleading for Barabbas.

Vanity, Hubris:
The king acquiesced the nation.

Nation Awash in Private Equity:
Pleasantly or unpleasantly, the consciousness’ of greed and desecration led the nation down a similar path.
Woe, O Nation. Woe.

Fear Not. The Divine Within.
Internal struggle between expanding cosmic universal energies and contractive dense three dimensional energies.

Choose One Or All:
I express trust.
I express hope.
I express love.
I express respect.
I express compassion.
I express tolerance.

It’s Powerful!
Counteract the energies of separation and polarity with love.

Malaise of Authoritarians:
Unhappiness with the rights of ‘Others’.

One Family Tree:
Racial pride cometh before the fall.

Vengeance Justice As Retribution:
Punishing the innocent for the crime of ‘Other’.

As the energies of cruelty rise, remember love in their presence.
Ask yourself “Who is calling for my blood to be shed? Who is calling for another’s blood to be shed?”
Who is coercing violence and cruelty into the political mindscape of We The People and most importantly of all, why?

Anything For The Win:
False sacrifices in order to secure righteous domination.

A Sorrowful Tale Of Misbegotten Loyalty:

The king, wise in all manner of emotional choreography,
did cry out unto his true believers:
“For I am your justice, Punisher of the wicked, a remedy for
your woes, a nemesis for your foes.”

And the kings true believers cried out in response:
“For we are your justice, we shall punish the wicked in your name,
we shall send you remedies for your woes,
we shall be a nemesis for all your foes.”

A guiding energy in which embodied souls who have lost trust in God’s Plan for the Earth, deem it necessary, and godly, to control God’s Creation’s.

The infliction of the energies of vengeance, trauma, and fear upon The People.

Subtle acts of cruelty as proof of ruler-ship purity.

2025 – Dismantling Democracy:
Blueprint for the creation of a politicized theocratic nation.

In their innocence, The People could not conceive of that which was coming forward.

Borne of Chaos:
The energies of darkness seek to overwhelm and exhaust.
Be still.

For Sale:
The marketing of intimidation and fear.

Corporate Gold:
Authoritarians meet a friendly press.

A subordination of truth and ethics in service to the dismantling of the Nation of the Free.

The swords of self-righteousness strike behind shields of hubris.

As illusions fall away, truth emerges in the moment.

O what a sorrowful day
when our hallowed Capitol
was framed within a gallows.

The firm hand of the authoritarian Father reaching into Nations of the Free.

The duly elected in service to spectacle
as the dismantling of the Nation of the Free continues unbound.

A rising of the cult of self.

“Why It’s Just Weather!”
Climate denial brought to you by virtuous capitalism.

AI realities deadens humanity.

Siege for the liege lord.

Silence, in the end, is acquiescence.

Grooming the Multitudes:
A coming forth of violent spectacles of collective madness.

In the Presence of the Holy:

The Rising of the Energies of Darkness

Violence in service to the energies of darkness.

Political theocracies created to remind “Other” of their place.

The rising of the energies of fear as a determining factor for the freedoms and rights of We the People.

“But The Children!”
The innocent used as a means to achieve political-theocratic goals.

Guantanamo Bay:
The Nation of the Free’s memorial tribute to torture.

War on Humanity:
The war on terror as a continuation of the genocide of Other-brown peoples of the Middle East.

Three Memorials To The War On Other:
Guantanamo, Abu Gharib, Baghram.

The genocide of men, women, and children in the name of the right to defend one’s self.

The world watches the retributive bloodlust and nary a leader says “stop”.

Division For Dollars:
Fountainheads of free flowing greed.

Justified Brutal Force:
From enhanced interrogation centers to the American streets.

Hunting for the ‘unbelievers’.

The “Awe Shucks” Candidate:
“My, what sharp teeth you have.”

Cruelty For Clicks:
Cruelty thought to be edgy, will indeed be seen as unjust and cruel.

Energies of Dominance:
When the genocide of brown peoples is permitted by populations which looks nothing like them.

Jim Crow Policing 2023:
Justified Force.

Rising of religious xenophobia and the deaths of millions.

Trickle down destruction of the Nation of the Free.

Fires, Flood, Hurricane’s and Tornado’s:
The right to shelter (*migrants not included).

Too big to fail and too big too big to jail are not democratic principles.

Living in a Land of Make Believe:
A time in which the energies of authoritarian invaders and occupiers are seen as righteous and resistance as terrorism.
O woe ye nations.
O woe.

Supremacy Paradigms:
A situation in which people who are perceived as ‘fair’ are recognized as victim and those who skin tones are ‘brown and black’ are perceived as dangerous and terrorists.
*Guidance received to correct to ‘fair’.

Investor Alert!
Beach front properties available for development soon.
There will be no right to return.

Disproportionate coverage of the suffering under authoritarian and religious zealots.

9/11 Redux:
Brown people = terrorists.
Permissive genocide.

No Where To Hide:
Janus political maneuvers in service to authoritarians.

The unresolved traumatic collective psyche seeks relief in blood-lust and retribution.

9/11’s – Arms dealers delight.

The leader of the Nation of the Free silences calls for restraint and ceasefire in the presence of genocide.

Shared Values Of Colonization:
Genocide of “Other”.

Shall ye awaken to the rising forces of darkness which seeks to guide your heart?

A rising of corruptions for all to see.
The unknowledgeable become wise.
The blind begin to see.

Visions anchored October 14, 2023

Shall we arise out of the captivity of darkness?
Shall we arise into the Light?

It’s The Other Team.
Got caught in a pesky war crime by the global community?
Introducing new and improved Hasbara!
Our teams will wipe away culpability for war crimes
seeding feeds and comment sections sowing doubt and
landing the blame on the ‘Other’ team within an hour of reporting.
Scholarships available!

Scorched Earth Vengeance:
Colonial democracies allow for rampages, rage filled vengeance, desecration of the Holy and mass murder.
1000 bombs a day dropped on a people imprisoned.

Bothersome free-speech advocates and reporters calling out your authoritarian actions?
Democracies for Authoritarians presents:
“Ban ‘em, imprison ‘em, and disappear ‘em.”
Coming to a democracy near you.

We shall not stop destroying until we control all.

Colonization Colloquialism Shielding’s:
“We tortured some folks.”
“The other team did it.”

We enter the time of the revelations of the consciousness of colonization.

The body of the prophet fills with the screams of the suffering
and the rages of violence.
May God lift all into the Light.

Daughter of My Heart,
this Gift I have given unto thee to ‘see’,
comes with it beloved, the willingness to
be with, and bear witness, to the suffering and sorrows
of all humanity.
Bear with daughter.
Bear with.

Imprisoned for the crime of Other.

Watch the Light of God as it arises in the heart of humanity.
Yea, it comes forth, one beloved humanity.

Violence Economy – Cult of Coin and Death:
The collective iron fist of the nations of wealth and unmitigated power
align and arise to silence all who would stand for humanity and compassion.
Be not afraid.

Ethical Breaches:
“Go ahead fine me!”
When financial aristocrats amass power through coin
no longer need to heed the laws of any nation or the will of any peoples.

Flooding all zones with violence.

What, Who, Where?
What is being targeted?
Who is being targeted?
Where are the targets raining destruction?

A band of militants, no army, no air-force, no navy,
a people imprisoned, nary a child, youth, adult, or elderly,
free to defend their lives, safety, or well being, whilst the largest,
wealthiest, military powers in the world give aid to their destruction
and humanity.

Prayers for the innocents.

To The Hungry Faithful:
Watch for those who will rob thee of thy coin
whilst condemning the poor, the widow, and the orphan
for bringing suffering upon themselves.


So heavy a burden daughter,
when you, in your sorrows,
forget the Presence of Me.”

This is true Beloved, these Guidance’s
You bring to my heart.

So difficult, so difficult, my Beloved,
to perceive Your Light, Your Love,
in these times of horrors and darkness.

“I have not left thee daughter, I AM with thee.
As to whether you can see Me,
it is not time for thee.

“I AM thy heart, I AM thy cells,
I AM thy laugh, I AM thy cries,
I AM these visions and I AM these
questions of why.

Go about thy day beloved daughter,
every departing soul arrives in
My Arms – finds comfort in Thy Heart.

Not alone daughter. Not alone.”

Thank You Beloved for Thy Word
for even as I cannot perceive Thee
in these lands 3D – I hear Thee.
I hear Thee.


I AM with thee.
I AM and I AM with thee.”

Shared Destiny
The destiny of all humanity.

The instrument may bear impurities even as the heart is pure.

A testament account of living in the times of the end of empires.

Woe, the hubris of the propaganda mouthpieces inciting violence and lies.

The killing of children = killing off hope of a future.

The Giver of death.

Morally Corrupt:
Antisemitism and Islamophobia.

Blinkin past the genocide.

Duplicitous political alliances.

War Of Unequal’s:
Only their hands to dig out the living and the dead.

“It’s My Right.”
Behold the wrath of colonizers.

A vanishing of indigenous lands and rights.
See the energies of separation for what they are.

The energies of “I don’t need to respect you”, given license.
A message for all peoples planetary-wide.

Wild West settler-style indigenous cleansing’s.

Erasing abominations of idol worship from the holy lands.

The courage of the peoples of Eire full of heart and compassion.
All blessings.

Purity Tests:
“With or against us.”
“Have you been saved?”

Settlers Man In Washington:
The rise of the righteous punisher.
Wise in the ways of the law and the good Book.

Making The Lands Unclean:
“The releasing of all restraints.”
A defiling of the Holy lands through
the blood of innocents.

This genocide will be remembered in the heart’s of history.

He who betrayed-US speaks to the nations of the morality of war.

When large portion of embodied souls – humanity – is able to perceive each others humanity, in the moment – in embodied time – there will be little need of suffering.

All blessings to those who serve in the ‘noble mission’.

Authoritarian Playbook:
Cynical use of a humanitarian crisis to achieve long term, political, theological, military, and corporate goals.
Prayers for the suffering of a planet.

The hope of humanity.

Generation Shameless:
The wanton slaughter of children.
The homeless arrested for their poverty.

“Leave, Now!”
Go south, you will be safe.
Until we bomb you there too.
Trusting us will set you free.

That which is unhealed revealed.

Wretched will be your memory etched in the history of humanity.

Policing Speech:
“Dial It Down.”
The Nation of the Free requests reigning in reporting of the suffering.
Revelations of truth portrayed as harming security.

The Old King:

The old king
wouldn’t listen to a thing
not the pleading,
the wailing,
the crying,
nor the sounds of children dying.

Old Boys Club:
Appeasing Authoritarians

Power Hungry:
A betrayal of the principles of Democracy.

The Rise of Political Saviors:
“Only I can save you.”
“I am here to do our Lord’s work.”

“Raining hellfire down upon unarmed civilians.”

When ‘Other’s’ are defined as terrorists, entire civilian populations become vulnerable to collective punishment and mass murder.

Field Tested Technologies and Armaments:
Welcome to the Occupation.

As the planetary peoples awakened they began to comprehend the meaning of martyrs.

They Are Not Numbers:
‘Targeted’ and ‘surgical’ strikes expand in meaning.

Colonialism Consciousness:
Oppressor as victim and oppressed as aggressor.

If one can pause bombing for prayer why not then for humanity?

Even as all communication connections are cut,
Divine Connection remains intact.

The Fallacy Of Righteous Revenge:
The bombings of Schools, Hospitals, Health Centers, Refugee Camps, Bakeries, Homes, Mosques, Businesses, Marketplaces, Salons, Barber Shops, Apartment Buildings and Life itself.

A Planet Capitalized:
Private ownership and profiteering off of the suffering of the people and shared resources.
A cannibalization of embodied life in service to profit.

Demonizing Other:
Green lighting vassals of violence.

Behold the rage of the political messiahs of death and cruelty.

Destroying Hope Of A Future:
The unfettered violence of colonization consciousness.
The dismantling and destruction of the humanity of ‘Other’.

Unfinished Work:
The self-righteous religious fervor of Cotton Mather revived claims the House.

Undemocratic – Theocratic Regimes:
Guarding, protecting, and defending morality laws imposed upon the people with an iron fist.
Version Americana with bounty hunters.

Visions of Collective Beauty.
O beautiful humanity!
How brave the chants
and songs of protest
filled with compassion.
I weep and bow to your
soul’s collective beauty.

Precision Strike Technologies:
“It was the other team who killed your family members, neighbors, and friends.”
Witnessing the horrors of state of the art armament technologies raining upon a peoples imprisoned.

Perhaps the violence you are expressing has gone too far when repressive regimes are speaking out against the violence?

The Holy Lands Defiled:
The sorrows and screams of the embodied souls of Gaza buried under the rubble of revenge.
The dreams of the innocents killed roam the lands in sorrow.

Colonizer Consciousness:
Revelations of genocidal actions as “independence”.
Self-determination for me but not for thee.

Democratic Escalators of Violence:
Leaders of Democracies escalate violence in the Middle East under the guise of security.
Rather than bringing forth peace and healing – a bringing forth instead of fighter jet’s, bunker buster bombs, armaments and technologies of the Iron Fist.
Flooding of all zones with violence.

Collective Punishment:
The slaughter of the imprisoned peoples will not absolve the sins of the past.
Only transformation brought forth by the Light will redeem and heal the traumas of the past.
That which is unhealed revealed.

Atonement Exercises:
Hyper intense kill rates of civilians.

“Your Lives Do Not Matter.”
The righteous vengeance of the messiahs of cruelty.

Hellish Reality:
The dropping of bombs makes it unnecessary to look into the eyes of the civilians cowering and crying in fear before their deaths.
Prayers for the innocent.

Cynical Paranoia:
Our ‘fears’ are informing our heart’s and reason.

Old School Worship:
Offended and fearful of your existence, our Deity commands us to slaughter kin, neighbor, and culture.

Field Tested Urban Genocidal Technologies:
The destruction of ‘anything which moves’ in an urban setting.
Welcome to the Occupation.

Behold The Wrath Of The Zealots.
You knew they were convicted zealots and still your support never wavered.

Daily Grind:
Under the guise of supremacist purity – shootings, spitting’s, beatings, harassment.

Infanticide Disinheritance:
3,195 Children murdered in 21 days of rampage.
*Not counting the children under the rubble.

Friendly generals and staff ‘assisting’ in the war room.
Welcome to the Occupation.

The intellectual children of colonization would like to inform you that the narrative of the colonization you are witnessing is a false narrative.

Realpolitik – Genocidal Solution Consciousness:
Genocide never looks like what it is as it is unfolding to bystanders.
Insidious energies masquerading as divine right.

9/11 Redux – The Silencing’s Return.
Surveillance, arrests, suspensions, and firings for speaking out against the mass murder of civilians.
Money, technology, arms, soldiers and media assistance for those who support the violence.
Welcome to the worldwide Occupation.

Vulture Capital Funds:
Leaving the poor hungry and abandoned in service to shareholder profits.

Slaughter of the Innocents:
No bread, no water, no hospitals, no mercy.

There is no spiritually uplifting word to describe the mass murder of civilians.

See With New Eyes:
For the people shall become the leaders when leaders fail to lead.

There is no spiritually uplifting word to describe the mass murder of civilians.

Whilst billionaires hoard, the poor starve and are harassed and arrested for homelessness.

A weaponizing of the sufferings of the past as justification for committing war crimes in the present.

Expressing sorrows for the suffering propagandized as hate speech.

Phosphorus Bombs:
Burnt sacrifices.

Seeing Devils Everywhere:
Seeing devils everywhere except within one’s mind.
Projection based punishing’s upon ‘Other’.

Settlers Representatives In Washington:
14.3 billion dollars in support of the mass killings of civilians.

O’Israel will your thirst for revenge ever be quenched?
You gave the world precious little time to mourn with you.

There is nothing heroic about killing unarmed citizens penned in by occupation.

The return of ‘Collateral Damage’ political talking points and media assessments.

Repentance Investigators:
Enforced repentance’s brought to you by the spiritual warriors for a pious America.

Light revealing alignments with the energies of darkness is how God cleanses the world of the energies of evil.

Punishing’s for violating the laws of “our’ Deity.

Spiritual Warfare.

Warfare Upon The Spirit of Other:
Punisher’s casting out the demons of “Others”.
A rise in fevered prayer warfare.

Prayer Warfare.

God does not unleash violence and forced repentance upon humanity – humans do.

Pious warriors ‘claim’ the nation for their Deity.

Prophetic visions and warnings of the rise of the energies of darkness meant to be released and transformed by the Light of God and not aligned with or expressed through the human body.

A disciplining of the apostates brought to you by the Restoration and Repentance of the Nation Super-Pac.

Behold the claims of divine political authority by the apostles of dominance and warfare.
No love, no love. The people can feel there is no love.

A Law Unto Themselves:
A rise in religious-political activists through corruptions of the rule of law.

An Unfinished Work:
A rise in puritanical like policing of sexuality and sexual preferences, evil spirits, and women’s autonomy. As it was, so it rises again.

Fanatical Zealotry:
Cleansing the Nations of “Other”.

Wielding the power of the churches from the speakers podium.

Spiritual Warfare:
“Us versus Other”.
A denial of the divinity within all of God’s Creations.

Advancing the religious interests of authoritarian control through politics and law.

The Idolatry Of Power:
Our Deity informs us that we are mandated to rule over and control the nation.
Freedom sacrificed on the altar of authoritarianism.

Biblical Worldview:
Only our good Book shall ye read, others we shall ban, that is our decree.
Field tested enforcement in prisons and schools.
People of the Nation of the Free no longer free.

An Unfinished Work:
The nationalizing of ‘our’ Christian laws and decrees.
The undermining of Democracy in service to Theocracy.

Frenzied, Paranoia Inspired, Rampages and Sorties:
Slaughtering women and children
based on their potential to bring harm in the future.
When massacring extends from womb to birth.
The energies of darkness rising are strong in this alignment.

Soundbites of Terror:
How many times can you say the word “Hamas” in sixty seconds?
Inspiring terror and the dehumanization of an entire people through the media.

The closer my heart grows to those who have been found irrelevant of deserving
to live life, the more irrelevant my presence becomes.
Thank You my Beloved God for this honour.

“Click here!” “Support Me!”
“Why we will tell you what is going on in a time of crisis – for a fee.”
The commodification of shared humanity.

The grateful heart finds ways to express itself through Grace.

Bi-Polar Legislating:
Watch how beautifully and patriotically those who legislate
come together in a bi-partisan manner when it comes to war.
A fortuitous time to suspend liberties and expand surveillance.

Old School Wisdom:
It’s earned in time.

Mutual Support:
“We’ll help you set up your authoritarian apparatus and then you can help us set up ours.”

Are the people of the Nation of the Free watching or learning
about something your religious views do not approve of?
“We have a corporate solution for you!”

“Stocks Are Up!”
The great unifier in times of crisis – profits.
Profitable interventions, field testing weapons and technologies.

As The World Watches In Horror:
Traumatized people traumatizing peoples.

Divine Right Of Kings – Super Pac Leadership:
Corporate and/or theological oriented governance.

American warships delivering weapons and blocking the arrival of water, food, medications and humanitarian supplies arriving by the sea. No Mercy.

Disproportionate violence is disproportionate violence.

I am a voice of the laments of humanity,
a container of sorrows to be shared and held,
a witness to the energies of darkness expressing and manifesting,
and a voice of the Light which is to come.

A juncture of prayer, piety, and peace.

A Grief Beyond Bearing:
The Cruelties of Empires Collapsing

Lambs of Peace – Lambs of Sorrow:
The innocent desecrated by the bombs of revenge and hatred.

Brutal, Messy, and Ugly:
The leaders and corporate media of the nations of democracy and human rights, amplifying the divine right of violent genocide.
Behold the iron dome of digital ignorance.

“Our” deity has informed us that we have a mandate to slaughter you as a means to keep our religion of choice, our peoples, pure.
Religious heresies in a time of the fall of empires.

Born in Palestine – Bethlehem.
Raised in Palestine – Nazareth.
Gathered disciples in Palestine – Galilee.
Preached in Palestine – died in Palestine.
*WWJD? What Would Jesus Do? A bygone era Christian slogan of compassion and love.

A Grief Beyond Bearing – Infanticide:
Children torn from the arms of their Mothers and Fathers.
No limits revenge.

Media Cover:
Circular and triangulating censuring arguments as morality purity tests.
Providing cover for acts of barbarism and extreme cruelty.
Proof of loyalty to “us or them” narratives.

Aligning With The Forces of Darkness:
The bombing of civilians walking the Al Rashid coastal highway heading south for safety, their lifeless bodies strewn on the highway.
The bombing of schools with people sheltering in them, the bombing of churches, the bombing of mosques, the bombing of ambulance convoys seeking to evacuate the sick, the bombing of solar panels on hospitals, the blockade of medicines for hospitals, the bombing of a children’s hospital, the bombings of fishing boats (means of gathering food), the bombing of humanitarian aid, the bombing of people sheltering at the gates of hospitals for safety, the bombing of innocent people in prison camps – i.e. refugee camps, the use of phosphorus bombs on innocent civilians, the use of bombs which leaves buildings intact but the people dead, the bombing of reporters and the destruction of their entire families and apartment buildings, the justification of bombing of innocents by dehumanizing them as human shields and animals. The language of religious justification for genocide.
Woe and sorrows. Woe and sorrows.

Online ‘Us vs Them’ Trolling:
Is the comment dehumanizing and cruel?
Does the commenter have a few subs and no video’s?
Does it promote inflammatory and racist views?
Chances are these are ‘pay to say’ comments justifying cruelty and death.

Obsessed With Death and Cruelty:
Satiating the sadists and psychopaths amongst us – the sick of mind and spirit, with acts of mass cruelty devoid of humanity.

The leaders of the nations professing their commitment to human rights reveal their aversion for peace.

Rural To Urban Warfare:
From rice patties to cities.
Once dumb now smart.

Embracing The Dark Side:
The practices of torture returns and is once again, embraced.
Prayers for the suffering.

As The Empire Crumbles:
The ‘democratic’ choice between a man who savors corruption and venality -or- a man who savors asymmetrical wars of annihilation and vanity.

Leave! Go South! Evacuate!
Lifeless bodies of the innocent strewn along the evacuation highway.
Our truth will set you free.

Is it a heroic act to kill women, children, unarmed men, the disabled, the sick, the dying, the elderly, the starving, those without water or fuel?
Just asking for a friend.

At The Gates Of No Mercy:
Welcome to hell on Earth.
Welcome to the world wide Occupation.

Old School Worship:
Smite them all.

Standing for the freedom and humanity of those deemed as ‘Other’ is never a false belief.
Rather standing for the freedom and humanity is a consciousness based in love.
It is the truth of who we are as a planetary people.
It is a tenet of the Teachings of Christ Jesus – “Love one another as I have loved you.”
If you are cheering on, or enabling the slaughter of ‘Other’ you have left the body of Christ.
*WWJD? What Would Jesus Do? A bygone era Christian slogan of compassion and love.
WWJD? Bring it back to life!

Allowing For Death Of Innocents:
No matter how many you imprison, starve, deprive of water, medicine, help and aide…
No matter how many or how cruelly you kill innocent civilians and thousands of children…
No matter how genocidal your language or actions…
The nations of democracy will support you unconditionally.
Offerings of billions for the killing of civilians.
As the masks drop, those who allow for the death of innocents emerge.

“Shhh – don’t point out the barbarity unfolding, you might upset those unwilling to condemn it.”

Re-Creating History:
Democracies of genocide, democracies of rage and revenge.

Annoying Media Responses To Collateral Damage Bombing?
Our private industry representatives have a corporate solution for you.
Stealth bombs – kill the living and leaving buildings intact.
You will know the children of the darkness by their actions.

When The Masks Drop:
Authoritarian regimes of the hegemonies of racism, religious intolerance, and political corruption reveal hidden hatreds and a penchant for cruelty, seeking out for punishment all who are not made in their image and likeness.
Having no policies for mutual growth, regimes turn to death and cruelty.
A sign of empires collapsing.
Trust. All must be revealed.

“We feel unsafe due to your acts of cruelty.”

Dear God,
Beloved of my heart, give me the strength to witness these acts of cruelty without becoming one with the energies. Help me to ‘Remember Love.’ I feel the smallness of anger coming upon my heart and mind my God. I feel so helpless in the presence of the energies of darkness. My heart feels crushed by the sorrows and the wails of grief. I ask for Your Mercy and that You might strengthen Your Light within me.
with love,
I am, Your daughter, Your servant, Your creation.

Do not give up on the precepts of Peace.
The darkness must be revealed to be healed.

Ethno-political Orthodoxies:
The Hecatombing of the Palestine Peoples

Supreme Directives:
There will be no straying from the eradication of ‘Other’.
The political orthodoxies of cruelty.

The rising of the energies of the misguided consciousness of the divine right of ethno-cleansing as authoritarian sects gain power.

The energies of darkness killing the innocent under the cover of darkness.

Inside Out Consciousness:
Political praising of arrests and silencing’s of human rights activists as supporters of terrorism.

Holding The Innocent Accountable:
Designating an entire population of men, women, and children, many of whom were not even alive, nor a participant, nor responsible for the Nazi killings of millions as – Nazi’s. The ‘explaining’ language of designating your enemy as ‘nazi human animals’.
That which is unhealed revealed.

The Aseptic Zoning of ‘Other’.

Leader Driven Movements Of Mass Slaughter.
Incendiary leaders promoting violence and genocidal aims, given the freedom of inflammatory speech, arms, government and charitable support to terrorize and kill all who are designated as ‘Other’.
There is nothing as emotionally inflammatory to the heart and mind as the ambitions of the zealot.

Colonizer Consciousness:
“Hey! This land you have been living on for generations, actually, it’s ours. ‘Our’ deity told us so. So leave these lands or we will destroy you.”

Behold The Zealotry of the Messiahs of Cruelty:
You shall know them as they claim their righteous alignment with the energies of light whilst expressing the energies of anti-light through the words, actions, and deeds of the energies of darkness.
Human and social interactions exposed to the fanatical and uncompromising energies of zealotry and the claims of the political messiahs of cruelty.

The ‘noble-mission’ undermined by client journalism.

Colonial Settler Political Colloquialisms:
“Human animals, eradicate, exterminate, vermin, savage barbarians, nests of terrorists, your death is your fault…” ad nauseoum.

Ethnic-cleansing as a political and psychological instrument of bringing into existence freedom from the adulteration and contamination of those deemed as ‘Other’.

The zealotry of the blood-lust of settler consciousness rises again in all its dark historical renown.

Purifying the lands of ‘Other’ consciousness rises again.
Restraint free re-enactment traumatization upon those deemed as “Other’.

Torture and desecration – the steadfast companions of cruel and violent mass slaughter.
You shall know them by their deeds.

The energies of separation behind the fallacy of “There is no Palestine”.

It’s Ours! All Of These Lands Belong To Us!
Politically motivated ethnocentric mass slaughter under the guise of ‘our fear, our security”, whilst inducing extreme fear, loss of security and safety on the indigenous peoples inhabiting the yearned for lands.

Perhaps one might choose to moderate expressions of ethno-supremacy and dehumanization when seeking to appeal to the hearts and minds of fellow embodied souls witnessing mass slaughter and destruction?

Warrant For Death:
Our suspicions.

Immunity for impunity.

The energies of political psychosis sanctioned by democratic nations.

Pretensions of Superiority – Colonizer Consciousness:
“They (indigenous peoples) have brought this annihilation upon themselves.”

The illusion of the divine right of retribution rises as democracies approach collapse.

Political Optics:
Pauses and smaller bombs.

Eliciting Agreement For Mass Slaughter:
Those feelings of compassion, empathy, and sorrow you are feeling, let us ‘explain’ – these emotions are really signs that you are being manipulated – taken advantage of.
Love defined as darkness and darkness defined as light.

Incredulous Political Cries of Abandonment:
Supported by the most powerful nations, corporations, super-pac’s, think-tanks, charities, legacy media, and billionaires, narratives of perceiving abandonment when realizing that the ordinary peoples of the world who recognize mass slaughter of the innocents when they see it – condemn the killings, as the occupied dig out their living and dead with their hands.

In A Time Of Collapsing Empires:
Nations brought low by billionaire austerity policies targeting the poor and homeless whilst the fount of corporate welfare flows unbidden.

Inaction as the political and moral option.

Settler Colonial Violence:
Unleashed upon indigenous peoples for centuries.
That which was, continues to manifest in service of the few.
The cries of the historically oppressed rising into the Light.

Embodied Souls Who Serve The Light:
Hearts and bodies absorbing the energies of retribution, mayhem, sorrows, and mass killing whilst being upheld by the energies of Love and Light.
Together we rise in Love. Together we are upheld in Light.
Prayers for the upliftment and strengthening of the suffering.

The pious political calculations of aggregating sorrow.

Exerting Influence:
Perhaps not sending arms, warships and support staff, tech, and billions of dollars might be a positive first step?

When you listen to an embodied soul expressing words and thoughts separated from Light and Love, know that it is the Light itself which makes it near impossible to not speak the dark thoughts and words which has been hidden from the self and others. The Light causes the darkness to rise.

The Ignoble Mission:
Sin Offerings

Genocide Of ‘Other’ As A Sin Offering.
O Nations, when shall you see that these massacres for what they are?

How The Mighty Have Fallen:
Children hold a press conference begging for their lives.

Bearing Witness:
Stigmatizing the compassionate of the powerless and suffering.

“Pledge allegiance to this foreign power or we will deport, jail, and punish you.”
The Nation of the Free no longer free.
Allegiance without qualification.
Welcome to the Occupation.

Woe, the contagions of hatred and revenge.

Diplomatic Cover:
Destroying civilian populations in service of destroying a political ideology.

Cognitive Dissonance:
Atrocious – speaking up and standing up for those who have no voice, being slaughtered en-masse.
Admirable – speaking up and standing up for the bombing of civilians, civilian infrastructures, holy sites, hospitals, schools, refugee camps, with full financial, technological, and armaments support.

Punishing, censoring, firing, and the intimidation of free peoples world-wide for exercising free speech rights.
Welcome to the world-wide Occupation.

Callously Cruel:
Compassionate resistance against genocide distinguished behaviourly as ‘callously cruel’.

Politicians and barons of social media platforms stir up terror of “Other’ for power and profit.

Proxies for war set upon destroying the tomorrows of “Other”.

The ignoble mission.

The execution innocent civilians and laying siege to their lands portrayed as defending freedom and advancing civilization.

A Mission Unfolds:
A mission arises seeking to reduce the Nation of the Free into an intolerant theocracy.

Great for business, private equity, and the stock markets and dangerous for humanity.

Theocratic Authoritarianism:
Support us, obey us unconditionally and in return, we will keep you safe from ‘Other’.
The stripping away of ideals and idealism in service to authoritarian obsessions seeking to exercise control over ‘Other’.

Who is ‘Other’?
If you are asking, then you are not (or have not) suffered from being identified as such – yet.

Fueling Grievance Mentality:
“Come, come”, whispers the energies of darkness.
“We will keep you safe from ‘Other’.”

Political Saviors Bringing Forth the Tenets of Stealth Theocracy:
“Freedom for me and punishments for thee.”

The swagger of retribution.

Final Battle Consciousness:
This battle is for hearts and minds.
An endeavour to deplete every last drop of empathy, compassion, and hope
in service to obedience and compliance to political-theocratic dogmas.

Cries Of The Orphans Of Vengeance:
“I just want to see my mom, my dad, my sister, brother, my family.”

Incitement of violence and terrorist activities laws against those whose politics, thoughts, and/or beliefs are deemed as belonging to ‘Other’.

A refusal to acknowledge the weaponization of the label Nazi against the Palestinian populations when there are actual self-professed Neo-Nazi’s serving in governments, the military, policing, and within general populations.

Pontificates of Fiscal Responsibility:
The heretical punishing of the poor amongst us,
whose lives do not reflect the rich financial blessings of ‘our’ Deity.
Blessed are the wealth generators.

Peace As The Enemy:.
Crying out for the suffering is not hateful.
An insistence on banning free peoples for speaking out against mass murder with pressure to pledge their allegiance to a nation enacting genocide.

Psychological Punishing’s – Stoking Fires

A coming forth of the expression of energies inflicting and seeking to create despair, hopelessness, and sorrow through the energies of wrath.

Where are the energies being expressed heading?
Look to the actions of the settlers of the United States of America – from the Puritans to Custer.

No Restraints Righteous Retributions:
No restraints righteous retributions cry out the preachers and prophets of death and destruction.

In The Presence of the Energies of Light:
What is my spiritual or holy work?
Whatever is unfolding, happening in your life in this moment, asks for your full conscious participation.
Conscious participation with the energies of Life leads to Awakening.

The Redeemer:
The Redeemer coming forth to open hearts.
The Redeemer coming forth to uphold hearts as they open in the energies of Light

For That Which Was Done Unto Another:
Thou shall not call out the inhumanity which thine eyes witness as inhumanity.

The War On Hospitals – The Traditions Of Merciful Acts Desecrated

O’ little town of Bethlehem where death comes with impunity.

Revenge Proportionality:
One hundred lives for one life.

The sacrificed peoples cried out for help and no help came to lift them up out of their siege.

Lost In The Darkness of Retribution:
The lands being made pure through the sacrifice of those deemed impure.

Political Optics:
Finger wagging diplomacy in a time of genocide.

Gross Breeches Of Trust:
Armed by the Giver of death, settlers rampage against neighbor, whilst legacy media identify such actions as rounding up terrorists.

Ratings Games:
Framing genocidal actions as defensive.

Mutual Affinity For Destruction:
Rightward turns of mayhem and destruction.

Silence from the “What about the children’s innocence?” American book banning brigades as countable number of children massacred reaches the 5000 mark.

Leave! Get Out Now!
The crossing of peace locked down.

Hell On Earth:
Welcome to the Occupation.

What Is A Genocide?
Parents witnessing their children being killed by the thousands and children witnessing their parents being killed by the thousands.

A dispelling of all illusions, laying bare with each target strike, the depths of the depravity humanity can become one with. No mercy. Mo mercy. Tears mocked. Suffering and torturous actions righteously justified.

Faithless bloodletting as an arcane ritual purification of the lands.
Ritualistic in its expressions of righteous iniquity, a making ready of the lands.

As The Masks Fall:
Revelations of the previously concealed participants of the cults of death and destruction in every nation.

Heuristic gamesmanship of mass manipulations whilst primal screams are heard in the explosions of ordinance dropped, zealous satiation of the generations ancient in seeking and extracting retribution.

Energies of rage pouring forth to hearts lost in the dark recesses of vengeance and blood-lust.
Enacted energies of dominance and hatred spread out to the nations, Darfur, the Congo, Myanmar, Ukraine and beyond, subtle as well as direct, seeking further exploration of mayhem and suffering. Feeding upon sorrows.

Revenge On The Deceased:
The dead left in the rubble of revenge as a reminder, nay as a threat, to the planetary family. Torturous visions of bones, flesh, and the desecration of the dead laid bare for the vultures of death and starving beasts. The beloveds of God, treated as ‘human animals’ left to rot, man, woman, and child.

Think thee that I alarm thee?
Think thee that these levels of horror will never come to thy lands?

Silently, in the hearts of millions similar perceptual awareness’s’ in the presence of the energies and deeds of mass slaughter – “It could be me, it could be my family, it could be us.” And with these thoughts cometh not the fullness of the intended fear, rather courage and compassion growing mightily.

Death Comes For The Living:
Screaming and rapid explosions in the dark night. Scanning technologies to identify ‘anything which moves’ in the dark.

The veil of innocence ripped away from the innocents.
The innocents covered in shrouds.

Behold the golden calf of hubristic military might.

Fear Not beloved’s for the changes to come, and they are to come, will be anchored in the hearts of the newly awakening – the blossoming of the hearts of humanity. For the Light which has been promised is coming forth. Endure nations. Endure.

Shadows no longer hidden, revealed as spectacle.

The holy lands, once verdant and green, welcoming of neighbor and stranger at the door, becomes dust, bones, sorrows, and rubble, a vision always to be associated with the righteous political piety of collective mass punishment.

Behold the fanatical hubris of the armies of (insert Deity’s name here) displaying the dominance of divine right of punishment, control, and retribution.

Hatred, death, sacrificial martyrdom’s, desecration’s, violence, mayhem, screaming, wailing, laments, prayer, false human enforces purification measures which will lead to an unlikely purification of the Holy.

The words and deeds of the subconsciousness of righteous revenge on display weeks on end, with no discernible point of satiety.

Escalating attacks on hospitals as a military stratagem.
The erasure of all ‘foreign’ traditions of mercy in the holy lands.
Prayers for the suffering.

The collective executions of the martyred reveals the extinguishing of compassion and mercy of the thantophobic.

Collective punishment.
Collective death.
Collective Awakening.

Destruction Of The Creators Creations:
As it was in the beginning so it will heal in the end.

A witnessing of the corrupt nature of the for profit military industrial complex.
Monies free flowing for war needs, fiscal responsibility in response to the people’s needs.

Coming Forth:
A coming forth of the end of the reigns of the punishers.
Endure. Endure.

Preparing For The False Messiah:
And on the Sixth Day all that was beautiful, loving, full of life, was pulverized to dust.

As it has been given unto me as a testament.
November 10, 2023

“Why should I care?”
For these actions witnessed by the multitudes shall multiply as the planetary changes unfold.
The inflicted sufferings and sorrows of the some, emblematic of what is to come.
Solidarity found in compassion. Redemption found in the opening of hearts.

Harden Up Tender of Heart:
“War is war. Spelled W.A.R.”
The desecration’s of Life.

A Return of the Macabre Phrase – Collateral Damage:
Bombing bakeries, as a besieged peoples, starving, wait in lines for bread.
Bombing hospitals as the wounded, sickly, dying, and traumatized, shelter in terror.
Bombing markets and places where food can be accessed.
Bombing ambulances as they seek to transport the sick, wounded, and dying.
Bombing mosques and churches as the traumatized pray, seeking to ground in God.
Bombing water facilities, desalination plants, water towers, solar panels, anything which sustains the peoples under siege.
Bombing refugee camps, schools, places of shelter for the traumatized and powerless.
Bombing those escaping South as directed, and on their households as they shelter in the South.
Stated intent of destroying ‘anything that moves’.
May God have mercy upon the souls of the messiahs of cruelty, for they know what they do, fearfully inciting the people to continuously choose to cleanse the lands of the indigenous peoples, day, after day, after day, after day.

All shall rise into the Light.
That which was separated in the beginning, shall now become One.
What has previously been covered in shadow shall now be revealed – magnified, in the Presence of Light.
A healing to come for all.

Progenitors of Darkness Align In Hatred Of ‘Other’:
A sorrowful time comes to pass when the energies of bias, hatred, and bigotry arise and band together. Nation will align with nations of authoritarian rule, sects of the Word of Love become as the mist, as the energies of blood-lust, control, and false piety erode the boundaries of compassion, love for one another, and goodwill towards all humanity.
Endure O’Nations. Endure as these times come and pass.

A War On Hearts:
The darkness shall inform you that hardening your heart is the path to Light.

A Redefining of Reality:
Hatred defined as peace and peace defined as hatred.

A global war on ‘Other’ arising first through the word, advanced through deed.
The sorrows of solidarity alignments with the escalating energies of hatred of ‘Other’.

The disconsolate heart weeps as the white-flags of peace are legitimized as sniper marks.

Christian Just-Wars.
A consciousness separated from the Heart and Body of Christ.

By all means find fault with the style and expressions of these visionary and prophetic messages.
By all means find fault with this servant of the Most High.
Yet, I warn thee, find no fault with Grace, Compassion, and Love, for these are Gifts bestowed by the One Creator of this blessed Earth of which humanity is born unto and into.

A high-tech, multi-billion dollar, medieval siege of innocent civilians.

Covetousness of the holy mount sacred.

The Coming Theonomy:
A bringing forth doctrines of submit unto our will, obedience to our theological belief systems and our rules of biblically inspired governance or face wrath, censure, and punishments. The severe and unrelenting dismantling of Democracy.

An uncompromising pursuit of ‘special rights’ for the self proclaimed elect of God.

Someone took our lives today, did you hear
our terror stricken screams, the bombs of death, and sniper fire?
Pleas of the peoples of mass homicide?
The terrorized? The occupied?
Water and food deprived?
Sons and daughters of historical apartheid,
generations of disproportionate violence applied,
rights and freedoms denied,
collateral sacrifice intensified,
collective loss of life a genocide – no where to hide,
vengeance misapplied,
miseries and trauma decried,
mercy, public-spiritedness, and compassion demonized,
humanity traumatized,
our Light will Rise.

The awful moment of realization that their exceptional friend whom they helped eradicate ‘Other’ has under wraps, plans to force them out too.

Under The Cover Of Piety:
The artifacts of an unhealed siege consciousness laying siege to places of healing.

Diminishing Compassion:
Entangling in rhetorical minutiae whilst ignoring the obvious.

Binary Realities of Piety:
Annihilation of the spirit of Amalek projected into the indigenous peoples.

Embodied heart’s pleading for the violence to cease.
Embodied heart’s lifting up the violence as holy deeds of eradicating evil.

Us vs Them:
The theo-political calculations of stochastic politicking.
Culture wars as fear based wars on ‘Other’.

Wanton, self and group affirming experiences expressing rage and desecration of the body holy.

Acts of violence deliberate in inducing terror in men, women, children, imprisoned.

A cleansing in the name of one’s Deity through the daily incitement and indoctrination of fear, rage, and false teachings.

Hubristic Path To Nemesis:
Zealous swords of iron eradicating the resurrected spirit of Amalek found in the body of the ‘Other’.

Amalek Narratives – Version 2023

A political, theologically endorsed ideology of the resurrection of Amalekites.

The commandment of eradication of the spirit of Amalek.

Using testament from the past as justification for genocide in the present.

Stochastic speech from ‘friends’ calling for the eradication of the demonic spirit of Amalek from the living.

An incitement of frenzy and fear, as leaders warn that spirit of Amalek can exist anywhere and there will be no ending of the war with Amalek (Other), risen as spirit.

Projections of the demonic spirit of Amalek’s violence unto civilians unarmed.

Using Biblical references as justification for blotting out – erasure, of the memory of the spirit of Amalek projected onto to the indigenous ‘Other’ population.

A justification for the deaths of women, children, the elderly, disabled, as spiritual retribution for the crimes the Amelakites committed upon those leaving Egypt with Moses thousands of years ago.

(God, How does one even begin to comprehend this?)

(Yes, God.)

Why would I ask for the slaughter of any of My beloved Creations?

(Well, who am I to say God, when there are sacred texts thousands of years old quoting You as saying to commit genocide for Your Blessings.)

(Yes, God.)

Why would I call for the slaughter of any of My beloved Creations?

(You wouldn’t.)

Don’t get caught up in the rationalizations for the irrational actions justified as My Will.
I AM Life.
I AM the Creator of all life.
I AM Life.

(Yes, God.)

Remember Thy Words – I AM Life.


The slaughtering of humanity – all of this wearies the spirit God.
The violence, the zealous fervor of the pious for death and destruction,
justified using Your Name as to bring about the Return.
So unfamiliar are these events to my souls knowing.
So unknowable to the light in my heart.

(Yes, God.)

Be not weary daughter.
For the host which bring forth these energies ancient know not whom they serve.

If I AM the Giver, the Creator of all Life daughter, again I ask you,
“Why would I harm one hair on one of My beloved Creations?

Daughter, again, I ask you to ask yourself – why would I do that which
is against Thy Very Nature of Being? I AM Life.


That which destroys is not of My Being.

(My God what are we doing? Why do humans slaughter one another?)

To be healed. To be healed.

End. 11.14.2023

Devoid Of Respect:
The torturous practice of the public uncovering of the humble of God returns.

The “we’re ridding the world of terrorism” crew rides again.

Outrageous – Ceasefire:
And when the pious leaders of the good Book came before the people gathered,
a joyous sound was heard and then a collective chant of… “no ceasefire, no ceasefire!”

Mild mannered stochastic speech, cudgeled in piety.

Peer Pressure:
Using instruments and symbols of the state to force acquiescence to that which the heart recognizes as separated from love.

A framing of narratives and concepts through speeches and soundbites aiming at that which is in discordance within the hearts of the listening audience.

Surplus To Requirement Consciousness:
Proclamations of the right of state sanctioned killings and forced removals of indigenous peoples living on desired lands.

Conflating One With Another:
Anti-political ideology is not anti-religious identity.

That Which Is Unhealed:
A morphing into that which was once despised.

In The Dawning Age To Come:
Love will be the guiding moral compass of all embodied souls.

“No Ceasefire?”
This following is a direct quote, right?
“Blessed Are The Peace Makers.”*
Asking for a friend.

Beloved Christ Jesus
*Matthew 5:9

Teachings of the Prince of Peace:
A subordination of the the Teachings of Love in service to the desires of power and control.

The revelations of political warriors and messiahs devoid of morality, disguised as righteous and pious.

Hail Empire:
Suppressing empathy in service to immorality.
The immoral capture of morality.

Toxic Brands:
Genocide, ethnic cleansing, torture, extraordinary renditions, axis of evil, hateful anti-Semitic rhetoric, hateful Islamophobic rhetoric, terrorist, no-ceasefire, command-centers, WMD’s.

Not All – Just The Politically Incited:
And the faithful of the Prince of Peace shouted and chanted in unison
“No ceasefire! No Ceasefire!”
The systemic dehumanization of ‘Other’ in the heart’s and minds of the lambs,
guided by the wolves.

Client Media Framing Of Calls For Peace:
“Pro-terrorist protesting.”

False Evidence Appearing Real:
Humanity disavows expressions of violence as a remedy for fear.

Hey! Got a problem supporting ethnic cleansing?
“Find another job.”
The People of the Nation of the Free, no longer free.

Those who have the freedom to choose, will choose empathy.

When the experiences of blood-lust cease,
incited participants return to their hearts,
finding shadows and sorrows as deep as the sea.

In A Lawless Time:
Fear not for honor and integrity shall return.

Still Not Saving The Babies:
“Here, you may have small portions of fuel.”

The scythes of death roam the city.

Setting The People Upon The People:
Verbal, free-wheeling expressions of bile filled rage, as attestation of righteousness.

Stochastic Politicking:
The politics of dehumanization of ‘Other’.
A race to the moral bottom as a device of securing power.

A sacred and blessed pause of peace.

Sorrows of the six million beloveds displaced – the ethnic cleansing of the indigenous peoples of Sudan.

Wondering who are what to trust in a time of darkness?
Trust Love.

Message of Ethnic Cleansing:
You will not go home and you will not stay here.

“Look over here!”
Circular arguments about perceived wrongdoings of compassion, whilst the innocent are killed under military siege-attack at hospitals.

When foreign government entities seek to stifle free speech rights, and succeed,
we become in essence, occupied, as a nation.

A Second Forewarning:
Not content with the Wall*, it was time to take all.

*Kosel, Wailing Wall.
First anchored 2.22.23

Breathtaking Acts of Cruelty:
“Go South! Leave!’
“You will be safe in the south.”
Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!
Our truth will set you free.

War stratagems to eradicate the memory, lives, meaningfulness, safety of the indigenous peoples until they have no where to go until they are pushed into the desert.
God has not ordained the banishment of the indigenous peoples to the desert, cruel hearts have.

Land Grabs:
Our precious. It’s ours, all ours.

Lack of protection as stratagem. Lack of homeland as stratagem.
Depriving all care and compassion as stratagem.

Truth Revealed:
When every cubit of space inhabited by “Other’ becomes a target of destruction.
The scythes of death cleansing the lands.

Predisposed To Destruction:
Obliterating the energies of fear through the annihilation of ‘Other’.

From the Prophet Isaiah:
Woe to them who call evil good and good evil;
who put darkness for light, and light for darkness;
who put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter.
Isaiah 5:20 – The Song of the Vineyard

A fueling of the blood-lust fantasies first anchored in fiction, now unfolding in reality.

Violent rapturing (disappearance) of ‘Other’ in service to the energies of ethnic-cleansing, piety, wrath, and purity.

Justified Slaughter – Eradicating ‘Other’
Violent nationalist reactionary zealots engage in the slaughter of ‘Other’.

Seeking to control outer purity as a means of masquerading inner defilement.

Specialized propaganda for the Armageddon-rapture readied audience.
Literature, financial support, and junkets available.

Behold the handsome, charismatic, fulsome messiahs of cruelty.
Swathing rapture in the disappearance of ‘Other’ through mass annihilation.

A Time of Separation of Wheat from Chaff:
Is it the wheat shouting “Annihilate them all – no cease fire?”
Asking for a friend.

Thou Shall Be Silent:
By decree, thou shall not cry out and oppose the genocide witnessed, nor shall thee express empathy or compassion.

Coming To A Democracy Near You:
The voracious appetite of for-profit occupation.

Us vs Them:
War crimes shall not be questioned.

Feeding the Beast:
Feeding the beast of ethnic cleansing through charitable contributions.

Afflictions of the Heart:
Sympathy for acts of darkness and cruelty whilst uplifting the agents of acts of darkness and cruelty.
A forgetting of the Teachings of Love.

A time of desecration so profound that the energies of filth covers heart’s.
Woe, participants of sorrows and cruelties, woe.

Profits of Death:
The staleness of cruelty needs constant refreshing and reinforcement.

The Beast:
The energies of anti-Love.

Marks of the Beast:
The energies of hatred, cruelty, indifference to suffering.

Occupying The Podia:
Spoon feeding rapture and end-time anxieties.

“Any Day Now.”
Trepidation sermonizing.
For who’s benefit?

Rapturous Incitement:
When visions of the New Jerusalem involve the violent destruction of ‘Other’ (i.e. the indigenous peoples of the land), perhaps one might want to consider if one’s heart has left the tenets of Love?

Dead In Christ:
Those who have lost their faith in Love.

Rapturous Delight:
The unwitting feelings of rapture inspired delight as one witnesses the slaughter of ‘Other’ in the holy lands as vindication of one’s coming upliftment into the heavens.

Projections of inner unworthiness as end-times dogma.

Rapture (Disappeared):
“You can wake up and all your loved ones are gone.”
Welcome to the Occupation.

Religious Hubris:
You can’t make Jesus do anything.

At The Expense of ‘Other’:
The unfolding politics of tribulation and end times theologies.

Incantations of Annihilation:
If you do not support our stratagems then you are not one of us.

When ‘full wrath’ stratagems hurts your own.

End-Times Wrath Supporters:
Titillating the rapture readied.
Unrestrained propaganda in service to charitable contributions.

When left behind proves the cruelties of left to die.
All mercies and blessings to the healers who stayed with the wounded and suffering, and endured the sorrows of siege and violence. All blessings to the Beloved of God left to die and killed.

“Why Do They Hate Us?”
20 years on, shrouds are lifted.

Temperament Of Abusers:
The more you plead to stop, the harder and crueler their blows.

From the Prophet Isaiah:
Woe to them who call evil good and good evil;
who put darkness for light, and light for darkness;
who put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter.
Isahiah 5:20 – The Song of the Vineyard

Visions anchored 11.19.23

Alignment with the energies of legions ancient. Expressions of brutality, upsurping all rules of law, in favor of biblical laws of vengeance.

Win. Win.

The Energies of A Wrath So Pure:
The energies of a wrath so pure in its hatred and desecration of ‘Other’, that allows the collective psyche to be projected onto the indigenous peoples as the perpetrators of all that had been done unto to them throughout the ages, each hatred of each enemy projected onto the innocent, from babe, to mother, to daughter and son, to father, with no restraints, no rules, no jury, no mercy, only the energies of wrath, pure, bellicose, indulged in, revenge filled, wrath.
The nations which could stop it, escalated.
The people who cried out stop, were mocked, vilified and ignored.
The people who encourage the slaughter uplifted as righteous.

Wrath Piety:
Wrath piety as the expression of the energies of false purification unto those deemed as “animals, vermin, depraved”.
The cynical, indiscriminate lash of wrath released upon the perceived unrepentant as fire – punishing, scourging, eradicating within Nation’s of the Free, those not made in the image and likeness of their pious punishers.

Destruction Consciousness:
“It’s time we sent you to go and meet your God.”
Woe O mighty nations fallen low through the upliftment of these energies of maleficence.

The energies of darkness convincing the ego self that it is of the Light, which nevertheless, cannot stop itself from from speaking out that which is of the darkness, being drawn out by the Light.

Cruelty Purity Tests:
When serving the nation is revealed as a religiose domination and punishing.

Witnesses Of Hospital Siege Slaughters:
The horror of watching the disabled, wounded, sickly, dialysis patients, cancer patients, babies, women, ICU patient, the elderly, the innocent sheltering, being systemically eradicated. Horrors which unleash legions of energies separated from love, and compassion, planetary wide.
Whilst no law, no court, no state, no group, no voice, no leaders supplying arms and funds could, nor would, nor did, stop the slaughter and destruction.
Hospitals, schools, refugee camps, ‘anything that moves’ stratagems against the indigenous peoples of the lands.
Revenge on a thousand year tradition of succor in the ancient holy lands.
Ridding the lands once holy of all abominations of ‘Other’.

Thieves of Life:
Robbing the innocent of their right to life.

Lands Once Holy, Defiled:
Scythes of death demolishing everything in their path.
A slaughter of the innocents and witnesses alike.

Perhaps extending a pardon from death the lives of two million peoples, half of which are children, instead of turkeys?

Preposterous Presenting As Rational:
A justification of the mass murder of thousands as ridding the land of nazi’s, whilst actual, self-proclaiming nazi’s with all accouterments, parade and march in the streets. Restraint free collective projection as justification for annihilation of ‘Other’.

Shackled In Armageddon:
Unshackled expressions of torture, humiliation, suffering, and hatred upon the shackled.

Lambs of the propaganda.
Lambs of the slaughter.

Voice Of An Energy To Come:
“We will force the planetary peoples to bend to our will, our propaganda, our Deity, our modes and ways of life, our prescriptions of law.”
Darkness clings to the heart aligned, suppressing the energies of Love.
Appeals to heaven to destroy and punish in the name of vengeance piety.
Remove thy beam, remove thy beam from thine eye.

Friendship Song As The Inverse of Love
“Within a year,” the babes of innocence sing, “we will annihilate everyone.”

Seek not the counsel of the unmerciful.

A Holy Symbol Of The Integration of The Divine and Human:
A holy symbol of the integration of the Divine and human, used as war graffiti, a symbol of subjugation.

Free Will As Choice:
How does an embodied soul counteract the energies of darkness?
By choosing, in the presence of collective pressure and fear, to align with the energies of Love and Light.

False Redeemers:
’Saving” through punishment, coercion and control.
You will know them by their deeds.
Love presented to the people as weakness.
Harsh realities unfold.

In The Presence Of The Energies Of Wrath Unleashing Upon The Planet:

Become aware of alignments with the energies separated from love.

Become aware of those who align with the energies of darkness presenting as pious and of the Light.

Become aware of influences of authority, devoid of love.

Become aware of energies that seek to allow hope of being found worthy to change, to be redeemed, to die.

Become aware of the unmerciful who justify their heart alignments with the energies of punishment.

Become aware of the energies separated from love and justified as righteous.

Arresting children.
Slaughtering children.
Six thousand children dead during seven weeks of vengeance.
(*Not accounting for the children under the rubble.)

The rising energies of the great hate coming forward.
All shall be tested by the tenets of Love.
Which shall you choose beloveds?
Which shall you choose?

Sanctioning Of Violence Laws:
The right to defend oneself with due and overwhelming force, against, ‘Other’.
Thou shall not kill?

“The populace unwilling to support state sanctioned violence?”
Introducing…”There’s a law for that.”

Promises Of The Destruction To Come:
The energies of self-loathing rising to the consciousness and then surgically projected out onto “Other’.

“Oh, that blood on our hands?”
The justification of the inverse reasoning of bringing light to the darkness through violence.
The heartless expressions of the energies of zealotry.

Compulsive Projections Of Terror:
Unhealed energies of the consciousness of fear projected onto ‘Other’ with brutal and horror filled outcomes.
A time of great punishings coming forward.
Fear not for this has been foretold.

Identified As Unhinged:
Compassion for ‘Other’.
Identified As Righteously Ecclesiastical:
Encouragement and reinforcement of punishing, control, and rulership of ‘Other’ in our Deity’s name.

Reality Inverted:
Teachings of love and the way of peace misconstrued as inducing the energies of extreme fear, dread and horror.

The energies of Light redefining reality through moral reflection.
Alignment through the heart or the ego?

Redeemers of Forced Repentance:
“Do you condemn?”
“Do you renounce?”
“Do you regret?”
“Do you submit?”
“Do you capitulate?”
“Will you comply?”
“Will you concede?”
“Will you bend the knee?”
Inquisitions have never been, nor shall they ever be, redemptive.

Mind Games:
The energies of darkness will seek to exploit the mind with the intention to convince the self that they are not love, and that Love is not real.

Love is the Alpha and Omega.

Colonization consciousness presented as the ‘spirit’ of democracy.
Religious colonization consciousness presented as the ‘spirit’ missing in democracy.

Projection as justification for the coveting of thy neighbors goods and lands.

The Politics Of Freedom For Some:
“Is your populace difficult to control?”
Introducing – “Administrative Detentions.”
Coming to an authoritarian democracy near you.

Guantanamo Consciousness:
The justification of torture and false imprisonment as a necessity of safety.

Free Speech Austerity Measures:
Choking expressions of compassion.
Welcome to the Occupation.

“Go South!” “You will be safe there.”
Targeting fleeing evacuees and leaving their bodies exposed and unburied along the road.
Our truth will set you free.

Must Be Revealed To Be Healed:
Unbound expressions of righteous cruelty.

Difficult for the heart to process – incarcerating children.

Keeping The Momentum Of Peace Expanding:
A call for the opening of hearts to the rising energies of compassion, respect, and love.

The iron-fist rests before exploding an outpouring of rage and hell-fire against the innocent.

The heart cannot erase the memory of adult soldiers in full military gear carrying guns, arresting children in school uniforms carrying cartoon inspired backpacks.

Blurring Genocide:
There is no blurring of the reality of genocide for the children going through it.
Blessed are the children.

Democracy Entrapped:
The forced submissions of humility and allegiance towards supremacists.

The Rise Of The Mega/Gigayacht Class:
The incremental Neo-liberal destruction of humanity in service of the few.

Manufacturing Consent:
Revenge and punishment of Other presented as scapegoat, with targeted projections of unhealed consciousness, expressing as rage, righteous vengeance and gaslighting.

Becoming consciously aware of expressions of anti-Love.
The somnolent awaken.

Breeding Hatred:
The artful education of the innocent to the doctrines of hatred and fear of ‘Other’.

Servants Of Humanity:
Absorbing, containing, transforming the energies of darkness in service to the expanding energies of Light and Love so that humanity may feel a greater availability of space within their hearts.

A rising of the energies of freedom.

Light emerging from the void.

Extraordinary Measures In A Time of Mass Slaughter and Destruction:
A free flowing, replenishment of the scythes of death.

The rising the hearts of humanity as empires fall.
All blessings.

Your Lying Eyes:
What? What war crimes?

Forceful Attacks:
Annihilating the existence of the centers of mercy whilst unleashing the energies of terror and torture.

The adjudication of the compassion of millions portrayed as moral rot.
Woeful sons and daughters aligning with the energies of belligerence.
The sorrows of living in an inverse reality of Love.

Revelations of Love:
Love, it knows no strangers.

Worthy Of Love:
Thy neighbor.

Fascism as the consciousness of hatred of ‘Other’.

Fascism Vengeance Tour:
Reigning hell on Democracy.

My Tribe?
All of humanity.

Freedoms Of Other Prohibited:
Religious men with charitable guns on the prowl.
Only prayer can cease the violence of the pious browed.
“This belongs to me not you, get out or we shall kill you” their howl.
Religious men with guns on the prowl.

Not Good For Legacy Businesses Of Attention:
Ceasefires – Peace.

Media Crusades:
Haughty investments in service to propagandizing mass destruction.
The best Orwellian realities money can buy.

Principles of love and mutual equity presented to the people as guilt, fear, inducing.

The Energies Of Darkness:
Whilst the energies of darkness-separation from love, cannot be defeated,
these energies can be transformed into the energies of Love.

If your heart is being prepared for war,
it is being taught to leave the Heart of the Christ.

Unvirtuous Virtues:
Self importance as virtuous.
Venality as candor.
Expressions of hatred as strength.
Desecration of other as righteous.
Cruelty as meritorious.
Humility mocked as weakness.
The currency of adoration.
Concecrating wealth.
Superseding love for wrath.

The upliftment of the chalice of power and domination.

Wrath consciousness the antithesis of the consciousness of love.

Collective bloodletting and wrathful torture in service to power and end times satiation.

Aggrandizing The Sheath:
Energies cannot be reigned in, only transformed.

Warrant For Indefinite Detention:
Our fears.

The perceived right to the unilateral control of ‘Other’.
Forced will theologies and technologies.

The Unhealed Revealed:
A revolution historical against being rule by colonizers,
followed by a colonizing genocide of the Indigenous peoples.

Cognitively Dissonant:
Wrath theology.

Tears Of Helplessness:
The profound sighs of sorrow of the healers.

Wrath Capitalism:
Subsidizing the last colonial military outpost in the lands holy.

Lessons Of The Roman Empire Not Heeded:
Carte blanche barbarism.

The rising the hearts of humanity as empires fall.
All blessings.

All Mercies Denied:
Yea, the swords seeking the mythical Amalek destroying the animals wild and caged, starving, bombing, and driving them mad. The breaking of the sanity of wolves.

Baying For Spectacles of Blood:
Sensationalizing lies.
Consensualising violence.
When the fox lies, humanity dies.

Revelations of the Light:
That which cannot fail…Love.

A coming forward of the de-mythtification of Peace.

Burn It Down Consciousness = Wrath Consciousness.

Doves Crying:
The open weeping of the doves in the presence of the unmitigated energies of hatred.

Stealth Dominionism.

Dense Energies Rising:
As the energies of Light expand and intensify,
so too will the previously suppressed energies of hatred.
Endure nation. Endure.