April 2016

When in a state of not ‘knowing’
wait, ask for guidance, pray if you pray,
wait, wait, wait…

An answer will come.

This is how one learns to trust themselves and their intuition. 

This is also how one learns that they are indeed, not alone.

Surrender into the Light and trust in the goodness which is meant for all.

In my work as a wayshower, I know of the darkness and I know of the Light.

I choose the Light.

There are frequencies coming forward which are more powerful in their upliftment of the vibrational fields of humans, creatures, seas, mountains, deserts, skies – yeah the planetary body, which will in effect over the course of time – nullify the denser oppositional frequencies of separation, darkness.

The Light shall prevail as the tide of Light frequencies on waves of love, bather the holy Planet and all that abides upon Her.

This time the wishes of the hearts of the faithful will come true.

Fear not if you find yourself leaving the planet before the great Awakening, for your soul shall participate with all souls, embodied or not – all souls, shall participate.


I awaken to the sound of your voice calling me.

There is a reality waiting to be perceived which is greater than that which we are now perceptually aware of.


In these times of chaos, rage, fear, violence, mayhem and desecration…. 


All is not what is ‘presented’ to us as reality, as truth.

That which had been perceived as dead, shall now Awaken.