See what I see with a sorrowful heart.

Know what know with a hopeful heart.

Visions Received in 2004

Weep, Weep – for all those who have fallen by the sword. Weep for the hearts of mankind that have allowed the powers of darkness to enter them.

Weep, Weep – for the sorrows that have been cast upon the Earth. Weep for the sorrows and sufferings of mankind.

Be with this pain in your heart and be true to it. Be with it until the Light of the Christ comes upon your heart and redeems the pain of mankind.

Be not tempted in the dark times to come, by the false light.

The darkness will whisper untruths into your hearts, and in your fear, you will long to believe them.

Do not!

Hear me now before this time and give not the fear any power.

Trust that God will deliver thee.

Trust – even if you are to take your last breath – that you will be redeemed by the Light and by your trust in God.

And in the midst of the time of the great darkness of humankind – shall come a Light.

The Light of the Redemption of humankind.

The gift of the Prince of Peace.

The Light of the Christ, redeeming all through Love.

Weep, Weep – for the suffering of humankind. Let your hearts fill with as much of it as you can bear.

And then, through prayer and Grace…

Ask that you may have the strength and courage to bear even more.

In your fear you shall ask:

“How will I know who to trust in the times of darkness?”

And this is what I have come to say to you:

The Light shall appear to you to show you the way.

Open your hearts in trust in the presence of your fears and the Light shall come to guide you.

Trust. Trust is the way.

The hearts of the pure will face the heart of darkness and be victorious.

How will humanity face such a darkness?

By the Light of the Christ – the Christ has come to redeem the darkness.

Woe, I hear your screams of pain, your battle cries, and my heart is with each and every one of you.

My heart is with you and you shall not suffer alone.

Do not cut yourself off in your armchairs from the sufferings of those around you.

For their suffering is your suffering.

Love shall redeem you.

Whether it is your last breath here upon the Earth or not.

The Love of the Christ shall redeem you.

The spirit leaves the body but never the Heart of God.

Be not afraid!

I tell you this with assurance.

For the Light of God, through our Beloved Christ shall hold reign over the forces of darkness.

Be not afraid and trust in God’s plan for you.

And in response to the calls from the beings of darkness, the serpent sprang forth from my belly into my heart and through my throat – it sought to be united with its brethren.

But it was not to be so.

For the Christ was there to redeem it and the serpent became one with the Light.

And I Ask This of Thee:

What are you willing to give – to sacrifice, in the name of God and the suffering of humanity?

Ask this of your heart and repent of your fears and selfishness.

Open the closed doors of your heart just a little and the Light will give you the courage and strength to open them all the way.

Despair not of the darkness, but walk with courage until the Light of the Christ comes upon you.

Wait in trust, for the Light is here.

The Light shall reign victorious in the hearts of humankind and on the planet Earth.

The cosmos shall sing of the Glory of the Christ and God.

And they, who have been given the sight to see, shall see me and know in whose name I come.

They shall receive me and help me and I shall carry on, serving them and humanity in the Christ’s name.

And the Children of God shall have reign upon the Earth.

And the Children of Christ shall have reign upon the darkness.

And the hearts of humanity will know peace.

And from the bowels of hell, my heart cried out in despair;

“God, why have you forsaken me?”

And I lost all courage, yet remained still, even in fear and pain, and did not leave you my God.

And in time, you made yourself known to my despairing and fear-filled heart and redeemed me by the Love of The Christ, the personified, embodied Redeemer of Love.

We, who are the children of Light, shall walk with the Christ.

We shall anchor points of the Christ’s Light in these times of darkness for those who shall seek the Light and Redemption of God’s Love.

And we gave our lives as a willing sacrifice to God and the Christ, so that the hearts of humankind could be made pure in the sight of God – and the Earth would know peace.

I do not fear the darkness – for my heart has known the heart of the serpent and the serpent shall be redeemed by the Light.

My heart has known the darkness for what it has been and knows the Light for what it shall be.

The darkness shall be redeemed and the Light of the Christ shall reign upon the Earth and in the cosmos.

And as the Earth burned, the angels sang a sorrowful song.

And God wept for the suffering of humanity.

Listen in these times of suffering for the sorrowful songs of the angels and know that you are not alone in your pain.

Who are you in your self-proclaimed righteousness to say to another “In the times to come, I shall be saved and you shall not?”

All shall be redeemed who seek redemption.

Let not the cries of the suffering cause your heart to feel fear and pain, let it instead open the doors of your compassion.

Open wide the doors of your heart, fill your heart with the pain of the suffering – hold them in your heart and in your awareness until the Light comes to redeem them.

In the wars that are to come, it will not be clear who is with the Light and who is with the darkness.

For all who are embattled carry the darkness in some form within their un-purified hearts.

This is why the Christ must be here to purify the hearts of humankind. To redeem them.

And the hearts of humankind had been forever changed, purified, redeemed, made whole by the Light.

And in a dream, God came upon me and took up my heart.

And from the bowels of hell and Satan’s powers, I was saved.

Be Not Afraid.

For in these times to come, you will witness violence never before seen.

It is the darkness working through corrupt hearts, manipulating them.

It is the beginning of the end, of the deeds of darkness.

Be not afraid.

For the Christ is here and the Christ’s Light and Love shall have reign upon the darkness.

You shall live to see the hearts of humanity redeemed.

No more despair, no more pain, no more suffering for the hearts of humanity.

So much redemption is to be had if our hearts are pure and strong and true.

The “way” will be opened by the Light of the Christ.

Do not look upon the violence of mankind for your amusement.

Focus your sight upon your heart and the Love of God.

And humankind shall fight no more.

For all which has been separated from the Light shall be Redeemed and made whole, and a peace shall be upon the earth.

And in the end times to come, the hearts of humankind shall sing holy songs to God of love and redemption.

And the two aspects of humankind shall become one.

All shall become one and healed in the Eyes of God and the Heart of the Christ.

Hold Fast To The Light:

Do not act like the darkness – be of the Light.

In the Times to Come:

Many shall weep and say, “Why us? What have we done? Our children are innocent, our mothers are innocent, our fathers are innocent.”

And this I say to you:

They shall not see that as a nation, their integrity and innocence had been lost, that they had allowed the blood of innocents to cover their hands and contempt to enter their hearts.

Take Heed:

Hold fast onto your faith, and to your goodness, and to your purity – in the times of darkness to come.

Take heed and align with the Light of the Christ.

Align your heart with the Heart of the Christ and hold fast.

And when the Light has reign upon the Earth, God shall walk with humankind and humankind shall know God as among them.

Humanity will never know itself as separate from God again.

All will know God – embodied. There will no longer be separation.

I speak to those who claim to speak in the name of God.

Your words speak of the darkness you keep hidden in your hearts.

Look into your hardened hearts with humility and ask God that you may be made pure of heart.

You may well ask of me…

“What is it like for you to be in the presence of the Christ?”

And this I will tell you…

First my heart commands my knees to bend.

Then I feel my heart open to receive the Christ’s love, taking it in with joy, as a flower would to the sunlight.

And This I Shall Tell You:

These acts of war will bring much suffering.

Not only to those you have brought the violence to, but to those you sought to keep the violence from.

Before this time, the darkness has had power upon the =Earth.

Now its power shall be diminished as the Light of the Christ is here.

Know you not that your actions will reap upon you the blood of innocents of your own nations?   

(Separately these warnings are given to the United States and Israel.)

Darkness reaps its own…

You have strayed from the Light.

You have strayed from the Laws of your God, your Father.

You have aligned your hearts with the heart of darkness.

“How is it,” you may ask, “that you will know me?”

And this I shall tell you, your heart will recognize me and it will open, and your mind will watch, amazed.

I walk among you.

I see you gather together for righteous causes.

I praise your intentions.

And I warn you against your cynicism and your anger.

Liberty has become a jest among her sisters.

And many shall bow down on their knees and pray to their lost gods or God.

Seeking to be spared the sorrows of the darkness which is to come.

Hear you not?

See you not?

The dark forces of war build around you.

My heart knows of all the battles of mankind, has known them, has carried their pain and their sufferings, their sorrows, timeless, as a vessel of the sorrows of mankind.

The pure of heart shall guide the lost.

Many shall weep and lament in these times to come.

I weep, I weep.

My heart weeps… with you.


I am like a child, surrendered to the Light.

We, the children of the Light, shall be with you.

The contempt of the heart, bleeds into the hands.             

To the Sudan:

The dark heart of the serpent greedily devours the hearts of the corrupt, ever feeding off of the ensuing energies of pain and suffering caused by their actions.

See you not, the tears of my heart.

Know you not, the Light of the Christ, within my heart.

My heart…

I have given unto you my Christ.

My life…

I have given unto you my God.

Do not despair of the darkness.

Trust and be true to the Light of the Christ.

None shall be spared of the sorrows and suffering to come.

All shall partake as the family of humankind.

And This I Shall Tell You:

The prison of torture and humiliation shall remain.

A symbol unto the nations of contempt and unmitigated power – to be feared in the hearts of the people.

A second call (warning) to the nation to awaken to the hidden darkness within.

(Nation – United States)

New levels of evil and darkness in the lands.

Hark – Hear Me:

When the darkness comes upon the door of your own heart,

Remember my words:

Be of the Light.

Trust and wait for the Light of the Christ.

Be of the Light – not of the darkness.

Stay true in your heart to the Light.

Think you, “I’ll not be tested?”

You are tested daily by the darkness.

And each time you choose to be thoughtless, cruel, self-centered and selfish and your heart lacks kindness, you slowly close the door to goodness and Light.


A second call (warning) to the nation of Israel:

You have wandered far from the path of Righteousness and Light into the halls of darkness.

To the Refugees: Rafah and Darfur:

I weep, I weep.
My heart weeps… with you.

My God,

Help me, for my heart is wretched with the suffering I am witnessing.

Help me, to be strong and to hold in my heart, the grief and the pain and the cries of those who are suffering.

To the peoples of Rafah, Ramadi, Darfur, and Iraq:

WOE, my heart hears your cries, I feel your mournful wailing’s.

I am with you in your time of suffering – I am here.

My heart weeps… with you.

See what I see, with a sorrowful heart.

Hear what I know, with a hopeful heart.

Woe, I am sickened by what I see, which is to come.

Violence against violence.

Humankind suffers – crying, pain, suffering.

Grief runs through the streets.

Blood runs through the streets.

Grief mournfully fills the air.

Screaming, crying, hysteria all abound.

Brother, sister – torn.

Mother, father – torn.

A wall of death.

The birds stop their singing.

The streets full with blood and grief.

For a time, it will seem as though the darkness has swallowed the Light.

Fear Not.

It is a passage of the Light through the darkness.

And This is How the Darkness Shall Work Through You:

In your fear, you will seek to justify an action which your heart knows to be wrong.

And your mind will become complicit with the fear, and it will say to you, “you must.”

And the darkness will give credence and power to your justifications.

And it will whisper untruths into your mind saying, “of course your actions are of the Light.”

Woe to you who follows not the truth of your heart.

You will bring much suffering to yourself and those around you.

Stand True.

Stay true in the Light in your sorrow and your pain.

Stand True.

For the Light is with you.

What was lost by death… shall now be found.

A deep and abiding hate is alive in the nation of freedom.

The stars pass. The moon passes.

The sun rises.

Think you, “All is well?”

Do not be lulled by false sleep.

Here, This is What I See, Partake of My Warning:

As the one hand gently caresses the submissive head, lulling it to sleep with false promises, the other hand, unseen, raises its sword.

Here, This is What I See:

A veil, a curtain, has been placed across the nation’s consciousness.

And projected onto it, nostalgic reminiscences of the nation’s compassionate past.

Be not deceived by this construct.

(Nation – United States of America)

My heart is forever with you my God and my Beloved Christ. Forever.

A targeted, United States of America bomb, falls on a neighborhood of grandfathers, mothers, and children.

And the nation of compassion is silent.

Here, This is What I See:

A great hand, clenched, as a fist – ready to crush, all those who would thwart it.

The hand clenched, as a fist is like an iron hammer, ready to pound and crush, all who do not follow the ‘one’ truth.


Mark this day well in your minds, and in your hearts, and on your calendars.

For on this day, The Christ’s Redemptive Reign over the forces of darkness began.

On this day, The Christ first loosed, the ages old and constrictive grip of, the tail of the serpent.

Praise God to be alive in this time.

Oh, once mighty serpent… your reign shall end upon this planet.

Hear Me, Hear My Warning:

For every act that is committed through your hand, in the name of God – whose origin is of the darkness, shall come a terrible retribution.

And the darkness shall come upon you and say to you,

“I too am of the Light,” and/or, “I too seek the Light.”

And it shall seek to engage with you in much mental parrying and try to impress you with its knowledge of scripture and/or of sacred or esoteric writings.

Stand back.

Wait and watch from the silence of your heart.

For the darkness cannot speak to you from the Light and you will know this from your heart in the fullness of time.

The rage filled heart silently awaits its time to strike out.

Can you not see?

Is your desire for gratification so great that you cannot see the dire suffering of those around you?

Is the need for satiation of your needs the means by which the darkness works through you?


For your ongoing focus of feeling entitled to earthly pleasures, when not held in the heart as Grace – will lead you to great suffering.

Think you, “We have a right to bring about the death and suffering of others”?

This I tell you with great authority…

You shall suffer deeply, intensely, and completely, for these acts falsely commissioned in the name of God, Allah, and Yahweh.

Church bells as momentous warnings ring out everywhere.

Calls to prayer.

Calls to the recognition of the great suffering of humankind.

Why is it that you choose not to hear the cries of the suffering?

I have given you many who bring you their stories of suffering and pain.

Have you become so comfortable within your cocoons of material comforts that you have forgotten why, as Your Beloved God and Father, I have given you these things?

Know you not that each tear cried, each wail that is uttered, each prayer that is prayed, is held deeply within My Heart?

The eye taken for the eye is not of My way, it is the way of the darkness.

So much wailing and crying, how can you not hear the cries of the suffering, the dying, and the starving?

How many pairs of shoes must you own whilst others still have none?

Greedy nation, consuming, consuming, whilst others starve and suffer, you grow fat and consume even more of the earth’s resources meant for all.

Two Forewarning’s of Proportionate Relevance and Significance:

The first forewarning:

Screaming, chaos, the law of the Punisher who comes falsely in the name of God, exacts retribution.

The second forewarning:

And this is how the darkness shall seek to make you one with it.

The darkness will seek the places within you, within your heart, and your mind, and your emotions – that are dark with doubts, fears, resentments, anger, and pain, and through your own mind and emotions, it will seek to torment you and it will feed these places with like energies, until your mind and heart are confused and in desperate pain, you cry out to your God, either for help or in anger.

“Why,” you may ask of me, “would my God do this to me?”

Remember my words to you now, it is the darkness.

Purify yourselves! Seek the healing Light of the Christ.

For only the Christ shall have reign over the forces of darkness that seek to enslave humankind.

Yes, I who have carried much suffering in my body and my heart understand your reaction of wanting to push away the pain and the suffering.

But see you not?

You can no longer turn a blind eye without suffering deeply within yourself.

O My Beloved Heart, how shall I bear witness to Your awesome Love whilst my own heart is burdened by darkness and suffering?

Think you, “Why should I care of the suffering of others. I have my own worries, my own life to lead. They who suffer have brought it upon themselves.”

And this I shall tell you, O nation of greedy consumption…

Your bodies shall wither and your large vehicles shall lie upon the roads like corpses.

And the mark (manifestations) of the forces of darkness shall be hidden away (kept secret) in the hearts of humankind until they are unleashed upon the planet.

Until the Nation of Compassion begins to live with compassion many will continue to suffer and die.

Hear Me:

You have become separated from your soul, your true spiritual nature, fragmenting yourself and your life, relegating that which is of your true nature – your true identity, to weekly rituals or to that which is of the mind and the material realm.

Yet heed my warning.

For whether you believe in the darkness or not, it is real.

And the darkness shall come upon your fragmented minds and unconscious emotions, and torment you with fears, anxieties, and uncontrollable thoughts.

Seek the Light, heal your fragmented selves.

Seek to realize your true nature and wholeness.

Who shall be deemed pure and who shall be deemed impure by the religions of the world, these judgements mean nothing.

It is your heart which shall be judged in accordance with the Laws of Light and Love.

(Judgements – as in providing a basis for or justifying, a claim.)

All doorways connect to the One Reality.

Torments and pains shall come upon you, and in your wretchedness, you shall remember your pasts, and shall cleave unto Me as a child to their mothers for comfort.

(Speaking to those who have willingly and consciously, in most cases, but not necessarily in all cases, aligned with the forces of darkness.)

O My Beloved, as my eyes gaze off dreamily into my present reality, my heart wearily carries this great burden of suffering and pain, patiently awaiting Your Love and Light to surround it all.

My human heart, how helpless and small it feels as it tries to hold the screaming, mourning, and chaos it perceives.

Mournful wailing and crying, the loss of many sons and daughters.


I reach out to touch you, but cannot cross the immense divide between us.

(Here: as in this present reality – state of being.)

And my mouth opened, as if to scream, and the serpent poured forth, and was redeemed by the Heart of the Christ.

Freedom will be lost in the name of freedom, in the Nation of Compassion.

Soldier, police officer, government official – will separate from the public trust.

Fear in the streets, fear in the home, security is lost.

The Nation of the Free… no longer free.

Guns patrol the streets in the land of the free. Government guns, private guns, militia guns; the law of power, contempt, and fear.

The law of contempt fills the hearts of the Nation of the Free with fear.

Machine guns, weapons of power, pointed at The People of the Free.

Brother upon brother, neighbor upon neighbor; a madness of mind and heart in the Nation of Freedom.

The power to discern Light from darkness, truth from lie, will be lost to many in positions of power and national security in the Nation of Freedom.

The Nation of Freedom shall experience in their hearts, what the peoples of other nations have known in theirs – corrupt government control, the crushing of dissent, and the betrayal of the innocent by those whom they have entrusted to govern them.

In order to keep the Nation of the Free safe, excessive force will be used upon its citizens.

Many will react with shock and bewilderment, others with denial, and others still, with outrage.

New laws created in the Nation of the Free to detain its citizens in the name of freedom and national safety.

This is how the forces of darkness shall work within the Nation of Freedom; they will seek to manipulate those who govern through fear.

The innocence and trust of the People of the Free – desecrated and betrayed.

The Light of the Omega Star, a beacon, in the days of darkness unto the peoples of the world and the Nation of the Free.

Hear Me Now and Have Little Doubt of the Truth I Speak:

The Forces of Light will have reign over the forces of darkness.

A Testament to the Power of God’s Purpose and Love:

Here, I will tell you of my journey, know hence from where I speak.

From the beginning of my embodiment’s, after from whence I was created in the Mind and Heart of God, the serpent has sought to thwart, corrupt, and otherwise destroy me.

For my soul and the purpose of my creation was known, to the Forces of Light as well as to the forces of darkness, long before my embodied mind and heart ever grew in this knowing.

And in time the darkness came upon me and filled my mind and heart with fears and despair.

And in my confusion and pain, I believed in its power and of what I felt, and through time, I fell and cried in the darkness, for longer than my mind knows or can remember.

And my mind and my heart hardened, as to protect itself.

And I felt myself to be ashamed and abandoned by God and all hope.

And this I tell you as a testament to the power of God’s Purpose and Love:

In all my sufferings as I walked this planet through time, my soul, even still, stayed purposeful to which it was created; and its love, even when covered over by the darkness, stayed true to the Christ, until I was redeemed by Love.

Oh, sweet America, promised land of hope and Grace, how I weep with you, for your innocence betrayed.

“Why,” you may ask of me, “would you allow the serpent to be redeemed through you – to suffer and be tormented so?”

And this I will tell you:

I do this for Love.

This is my declaration to you who shall read my words and to the forces of darkness:

I do this for Love, in the name of Love.

For Love of God.

For Love of the Christ.

For Love of humanity

Bearers of the Light Do Not Despair:

For the unawakened ones will be unconsciously drawn to the Light you carry, whilst the darkness works its inequity through them.

In these times to come, the unawakened ones will become vehicles of the darkness.

With the Awakening will come the painful recognition of their unwitting complicity.

Weeping, chaos, confusion, screaming. Death.

People screaming, “God help us. God, help us.”

Darkness. Dense darkness.

Crying in the night.

Troops mustering – a new battle, but without honour.

A madness of minds and hearts in the Nation of the Free.

An ancient honour called up within the hearts of the People of the Nation of the Free in the face of great darkness and suffering.

The Earth laid bare like a barren field.

(Earth laid bare – undisclosed in vision, in the United States of America.)

The seeds of contempt for the peoples of Islam and their holy shrines will bring forth much pain and suffering to the forces who invade their lands with guns and bibles.

In the silence, the stillness, crows caw, church bells ring.

People wailing, walking dazed.

Destruction, the land becomes submerged.

Life… continues.

A madness… in the hearts and minds of the American peoples.

Insanity presented as sanity.

Truth presented as lie. Lie presented as truth.

Mass deceptions and hysteria.

Neighbor bearing false witness against neighbor.


What is safety when liberty is lost?

“See you not,” inquire the guardians of the homeland, “it is only your safety and your security we seek to insure.”

“Be reasonable, be patriotic, be ‘with’ us.”

The People of the Nation of the Free, no longer free.

Here, this is how the innocent of the people of the Nation of the free shall be manipulated – through the energies of fear.

Fear. Fear and more fear in every form.

Woe, how shall their hearts and minds bear up to it?

(Manipulated – in the context of being mislead, deceived, exploited, and betrayed.)


Mayhem approaches.

Crying, wailing , questioning.

“Why? Why? Why?”

Brothers and Sisters of the Light:

There is no such thing as righteous hate.

It is the darkness disguising itself as the Light.

In these dark times, the darkness will present itself as righteous and patriotic.

And you shall know this, for from their mouths words of hate, intolerance, and prejudice shall pour forth.

“See you not?” says the darkness.

“I am reasonable, charming, and powerful.”

“Why should you not be with us?”

How is it, you ask, shall you know truth?

You shall, in your hearts, feel the vibrations of love, compassion, and dignity which always accompanies truth.

Be wary!

For if you stay conscious and present and listen with your hearts then you shall hear the voice of darkness behind its disguise of Light.

The darkness shall seep out through its disguise and your heart, if you are consciously present, will alert you to the falseness.

Be wary!

For in your unconsciousness the darkness will use you for its own means.

Stay awake! Stay of the Light!

Be wary!

Listen with presentness when you listen to the news.

For even sources that seem trustworthy may unwittingly align with the energies of darkness.

For even now, misrepresentations that are meant to bolster the national ego are being planted in the national consciousness.

Here, This is What I See:

Swelling, swarming masses, chanting, ranting in rapture, choking out all who would dissent.

Unconscious masses in a mesmeric rapture flamed by the fires of fear.

A sea of madness of minds and hearts in the people of the nation of the free.

Woe to the Nation of the People of the Free.


How long? How long?

How long shall you cry out to God for spiritual healing on your terms?

So much violence, so much darkness, so much despair.

And this I will tell you:

Be of the Light.

Do not become in your cynicism and fear, as those who will seek to lead you in the ways of the darkness.