The Return of the Christ
Prophetic Revelations of 2007

First Blessings of the Christ's Embodiment


The first blessings of the Christ's embodiment begin to pour forth like rays of the sun unto the earth.

Give thanks and praise in your hearts when the blessings touch upon your life and know that these are the first fruits of the Return of The Christ.


It is the experience of embodied agony my God which pulls me away from You.

How long I have cried out to You, wretched, at the Gates of Grief.

How long You have been silent in your response to my cries and pleadings.

Why have you forsaken me My Beloved to the wrath of hell?

These blessings and prophecies I bring forth from the Heart of God.

In Christ's name all shall be healed.

In God's name all shall know love. All shall be love.