2018 – Love Revealed

The Sacred Once Hidden Revealed:

2019 The Year of the Emerging Energies of The Mother.
2019 The Year of the Emerging Energies of the Daughter.
2019 The Year of the Emerging Energies of the Divine Feminine.

Activities of Love in the presence of energies of separation, hierarchal dominance, and corrupted power in service to power.

The sacrifice of the divine feminine manifesting as revelation of ancient energies once empowered to suppress the energies of the Divine Mother.
Blessings to the daughters whose lives have been borne of sorrows and whose lives have bees extinguished by energies embodied claiming the right to desecrate and destroy.
Mourn these daughters.

That which has been corrupted and separated from the Divine Plan revealed.
Energies in service to darkness revealed.
Energies in service to Love revealed.

Love Revealed:

The divinity of the Daughter revealed through the portal of the Sacred Heart.
The Daughter of the Divine in the sacred embodiment of the Christ.

Love’s Power Revealed:

Love the essence of all that exists, revealed in its fullness.

The heart’s of the souls awakening to the energies of Love need not call forth the suffering for healing, for by their very presence embodied, the healing force of Love is activated and that which is meant to crush, suppress, and oppress is enveloped by the energies of Love these beings of the Christ, the Divine Mother, carry.

Embodied divinity unites in the One.
Imbalance brought into balance – harmony.

At first in fear, that which was separated from Love attacks, demeans, suppresses, and seeks to destroy that which is of its essences, its origin – Love.

Cruelty abounds as separated energies attack and seek to destroy.
The Punisher and his cadre of punishers reveal the separated aspects of their heart’s through actions, words, and deeds, which reflect not Love, but the energies of unmitigated power.

Empowered by the Punisher, those who seek to follow his path reveal themselves.

The iron fist seeketh to crush that which cannot be crushed – the spirit and essence of the soul.

Prayer to the Mother Divine:

Mother Divine embrace me.
Mother Divine uplift me.
Mother Divine infuse my heart with Your Love.

Separated aspects of the divine embodied, male and female united in sacredness in the heart – the portal to the Divine.

Ye shall know them by the Light they carry.
Ye shall know them by the Love they embody.

For who knoweth the Revelations of Love shall carry forth the Light.

Be not afraid of the energies which would seek to cover your light, for the Light is with you and you shall carry forth the Heart of the Christ in all that you do.

Those souls who long for peace, shall carry forth in their heart’s – Peace.
Those souls who long for love, shall carry forth in their heart’s – Love.
Those souls who long for healing, shall carry forth in their heart’s – Healing.
Those souls who long for unity, shall carry forth in their heart’s – Unity.

Blessed Father Divine, Blessed Mother Divine, in my heart I carry You.
In my heart the Unity of Your Divinity shall flow forth blessing all who long to receive Thee.

Daughters of Light:

That which has been covered shall be revealed.

Sons of Light:

That which has been covered shall be revealed.

See how the Daughters and Sons of Light dance to the songs of Heaven’s Love.

Let not the revelations of that which has covered thee frighten thee.
All must be seen.
All that is separated must be revealed.
Allow. Allow. Allow.

The energies which once held sway over the minds and hearts of humanity shall seek to keep hearts covered.
These energies will seek to frighten, intimidate, corrupt, and crush thee.
Fear not for the power of these energies diminish as the Light of the One is revealed.

That for which you have been borne to bring forth shall bear fruit.
Allow. Allow.
Allow the Light of the Divine to infuse your heart.
Allow your soul to come forth for this is why you are here.
The time of Revelations nears.

Open thy fist and receive.