2011 – On the Eve: Second Forewarning

Forewarnings by Grace for the People of the Nation of the Free 

This page has been created as an act of Love. 

First, to help further prepare minds and hearts for that which is to come. 

Secondly, with the hopes that you would hold these revelations daily 
in your minds and your hearts, with prayer. 

Hear me now and have little doubt of the truth I speak: 

The Forces of Light will have reign over the forces of darkness.

It has begun.

All will now participate in the suffering.

The planet and its inhabitants shall cry out in anguish.

I shall be with you in the times of lamentations and tribulations to come.

I shall not leave you.

I shall be with you in your suffering.

The Children of the Light will be guided out of the darkness through the combination of the right use of will and guidance from the Light.

For verily I say unto you:

This is just the beginning, the dawn of the darkness to come. 

For the planet shall suffer as well as her inhabitants.

Darkness, twilight, gray days, hunger, suffering, wars, avarice, greed. Woe.

We shall yet see in these darkest of times to come – brother and sister of all nations and races – join together in compassion and love; to serve the suffering in the name of the Most High.

Here is what I ‘see’ – 


Not in the darkness not coming for its coming has been foretold to prepare you.

HOPE will be found, be born in the darkness, and the Light will enter the hearts of the willing and give unto them strength, courage, compassion, and most of all… HOPE.

In the darkness long have I travailed.

Whilst I knew it then not, the Light hath traveled with me.

For in my blindness and suffering I could not see the Light; nay, could not know the Light; for the darkness and its torments were my only companions in the dark night.

Whilst it is yet not dawn, and the dark night still prevails; my heart knows of the coming of the Light.

I shall await You my Beloved.

I shall await You amongst the tormented; the suffering; the forgotten. 

I shall await You and trust my heart until Your Light comes for me.

Weep, Weep – for the sorrows that have been cast upon the Earth. Weep for the sorrows and sufferings of mankind

None shall be spared of the sorrows and suffering to come.

All shall partake as the family of mankind.

A Planetary warning I give unto thee:

The stars pass. The moon passes.


And the mark (manifestations) of the forces of darkness shall be hidden away (kept secret)

in the hearts of mankind until they are unleashed upon the planet.

Yet heed my warning.

For whether you believe in the darkness or not – it is real.

And the darkness shall come upon your fragmented minds and unconscious emotions, and torment you with fears, anxieties, and uncontrollable thoughts.

Seek the Light – heal your fragmented selves.

Seek to realize your true nature and wholeness.

In the silence, the stillness – crows caw – church bells ring. 
People wailing – walking – dazed. 
Destruction, the land becomes submerged.
Life… continues.


Mayhem approaches.

Crying, wailing , questioning.

“Why? Why? Why?”

A madness… madness… in the hearts and minds of the American peoples.

Insanity presented as sanity. 

Truth presented as lie. Lie presented as truth.

Mass deceptions and hysteria.

Here – this is how the innocent of the people of the nation of the free shall be manipulated – through the energies of fear.

Fear. Fear and more fear in every form.

Woe, how shall their hearts and minds bear up to it?

(Manipulated – in the context of being mislead, deceived, exploited, and betrayed)

See you not?” inquire the guardians of the homeland, “it is only your safety and your security we seek to insure.”

A war upon the hearts and minds of the People of the Nation of the Free.

O how I weep for you my beloved nation.

How you shall weep and lament People of the Nation of the Free; when you awaken to find shackles upon you.

People of the Nation of the Free …no longer free.

A warning to the People of the Nation of the Free:

Be wary.

For the foot soldiers of the darkness cloaked in the raiment of pious national righteousness, have invaded your once hallowed halls, bringing with them corruption; desecration; the twisting of truths; lying and deception.

Their deeds speak of their contempt for the People of the Nation of the Free yet the people see this not.

And in the midst of the time of the great darkness of man – shall come a Light.

The Light of the Redemption of Man. The gift of the Prince of Peace. 

The Light of the Christ – redeeming all through Love.

In your fear you shall ask:

“How will I know who to trust in the times of darkness?”

And this is what I have come to say to you: 

The Light shall appear to you to show you the way.

Open your hearts in trust in the presence of your fears and the Light shall come to guide you.

Trust. Trust is the way.


I tell you this with assurance.

For the Light of God, through our Beloved Christ shall hold reign over the forces of darkness.

Be not afraid and trust in God’s plan for you.

And as the earth burned, the angels sang a sorrowful song.

And God wept for the suffering of man.


For in these times to come, you will witness violence never before seen.

It is the darkness working through corrupt hearts, manipulating them.

It is the beginning of the end – of the deeds of darkness.


For the Christ is here and the Christ’s Light and Love shall have reign upon the darkness


Do not act like the darkness – be of the Light.

Here, this is what I see:

Swelling, swarming masses, chanting, ranting in rapture, choking out all who would dissent.

Unconscious masses in a mesmeric rapture flamed by the fires of fear.

A sea of madness of minds and hearts in the people of the nation of the free.

Woe to the nation of the people of the free. Woe.

Take heed…

Hold fast onto your faith, and to your goodness, and to your purity – in the times of darkness to come.

Take heed and align with the Light of the Christ.

Align your heart with the Heart of the Christ and hold fast.

And many shall bow down on their knees and pray to their lost gods or God.

Seeking to be spared the sorrows of the darkness which is to come.

The pure of heart shall guide the lost.

Many shall weep and lament in these times to come.

I weep, I weep.
My heart weeps…
…with you.

New levels of evil and darkness in the lands.

Woe. Woe to the people of the nation of the free.

In their righteous madness they shall seek to bring about their glorious “rapture” as they slaughter the innocent.

And they shall fulfill biblical prophecy as the false prophets who brought Armageddon to God’s beloved.

And their tortured souls shall weep at their complicity with the darkness and cry out for forgiveness.

See what I see …with a sorrowful heart.

Hear what I know …with a hopeful heart

Woe …I am sickened by what I see, which is to come.

Violence against violence.

Mankind suffers – crying, pain – suffering.

Grief runs through the streets.

Blood runs through the streets.

Grief mournfully fills the air.

Screaming, crying – hysteria all abound.

Brother – sister – torn.

A wall of death.

The birds stop their singing.

The streets full with blood and grief.

For a time, it will seem as though the darkness has swallowed the Light.

Fear Not.

It is a passage of the Light through the darkness.

Think you – “all is well”?

Do not be lulled by false sleep.

Church bells – as momentous warnings ring out everywhere.

Calls to prayer, calls to the recognition of the great suffering of mankind.

So much wailing and crying – how can you not hear the cries of the suffering, the dying, and the starving?

My human heart – how helpless and small it feels as it tries to hold the screaming, mourning, and chaos it perceives.

Mournful wailing and crying – the loss of many sons and daughters.

Freedom will be lost in the name of freedom, in the nation of compassion.

Soldier, police officer, government official – will separate from the public trust

Guns patrol the streets in the land of the free. 

Government guns, private guns, militia guns; the law of power, contempt, and fear.

The law of contempt fills the hearts of the nation of the free with fear.

Machine guns, weapons of power, pointed at the people of the free.

Brother upon brother, neighbor upon neighbor; a madness of mind and heart in the nation of freedom.

The power to discern Light from darkness, truth from lie, will be lost to many in positions of power and national security in the nation of freedom.

Many will react with shock and bewilderment, others with denial, and others still, with outrage.

New laws created in the nation of the free to detain its citizens in the name of freedom and national safety.

The innocence and trust of the people of the free; desecrated and betrayed

Oh, sweet America…
promised land of hope and Grace – 
how I weep with you…
for your innocence betrayed.

The People of the Nation of the Free …no longer free. 

And the nation of the free shall torture their own – lock away in their madness, those whom they fear – the innocent shall lie in the darkness weeping, lamenting, unheard in their anguish and others in their fear, shall succumb to that which their heart knows to be wrong.

How I have lamented for you, people of the nation of the free – now you shall lament – with me

Weeping, chaos, confusion, screaming. Death.
People screaming, “God help us. God help us.”
Darkness. Dense darkness. Crying in the night.
Troops mustering – a new battle – but without honour.

A madness of minds and hearts in the nation of the free.

An ancient honour called up within the hearts of the people of the nation of the free in the face of great darkness and suffering.

The earth laid bare like a barren field.

(Earth laid bare – undisclosed, vision indicates the United States of America)

Be wary!

For in your unconsciousness the darkness will use you for its own means.

Stay awake! Stay of the Light!

Be wary!

Listen with presentness when you listen to the news. 

For even sources that seem trustworthy may unwittingly align with the energies of darkness.

“How,” you may ask, “can a measure be made of a suffering so great – so burdensome to the heart and soul – that only the blessed release of death will bring peace to the tormented soul?

I ask you to reflect upon my words.

And then to open your eyes and your hearts, to the suffering that surrounds you.

And this is how the darkness shall seek to confound your mind…

When near the Light or those of the Light, the darkness will manifest in your mind; in your body; in your emotions; and the darkness will tell your mind that it is the Light which is the cause of the darkness in you. 

That it is the Light, which is causing your suffering and pain.

It is not. It is the darkness seeking to undermine the Light; which is being experienced in the presence of the Light.

Peace be unto you my brothers and sisters. Stay true to the Light. Stay true to Christ’s Heart.

Stay True.

Heed my warning:

The darkness is wise in all ways of manipulation and treachery. 

Be not deceived. (fooled)

You shall witness horrible deeds of the darkness.

And you shall question your God (gods).

And you shall wonder of truth and righteousness.

Remember my words:

These are the deeds of the darkness.

Wait for the Light.

The Light will come.

Stay true.

Be still in your helplessness and wait.

Pray. Meditate upon the Light.

Be still.

Do not act (react) from your helplessness.

Be still and wait to be guided by the Light.

A bitter harvest soon to be reaped on the people of the nation of the free.

My screams… are mocked.

My cries and pleas… are greeted with silence.

My suffering… is met with contempt.

My dignity… is stripped and paraded before the people of compassion of the nation of the free, who debate, discuss and seek justify the use of torture and secret imprisonments in the name of freedom.

Woe to you desecrated nation.

Woe to the people of the nation of the free… no longer free.

I shall rise out of your fires.

I shall rise out of your treachery and deceptions.

I shall rise out of your torments and sufferings.


I shall be with you in the times of lamentations and tribulations to come.

I shall not leave you.

I shall be with you in your suffering.

There is no relief within my mind… within my body. 

I am beset by the torments of the darkness.

To those in the nation of the people of the free who claim to come in the name of Christ:

I have watched your actions. I have seen the fruits of your deeds.

And I tell you this; your deeds speak of the energy of the false Christ.

You take from the widow, the poor, the sick, and the elderly. You strip the mother of her dignity to feed her children. You forget – nay – you look away in contempt and disgust at the homeless; the broken, walking your streets.

You claim that you are commanded to save all whom you meet. I tell you truly, in your madness of mind and spirit, you have become servants of the false Christ.

Heed my warnings, for I have seen you in your zeal to “save” – claim souls as trophies – and I tell you, that you do this in the name of the false Christ.

How I weep for you.

For I tell you truly, that even though these atrocities have not been committed directly by your hand, they have been committed by the greater collective hand of those you have chosen to govern in your name.

Woe. How I weep for the innocents. How I weep for those who have suffered, those who suffer greatly even now, and those who suffering is still to come.

My heart weeping…



is overwhelmed by the suffering which is to come. 

Each side righteously claims they act in the purity of Your Name.

Weeping, screaming, wailing…

A suffering so great, anguish so unbearable…

Oh My Beloved, I hear their souls crying out – begging to come home to You.


I will call you in My Voice, says the Lord our God.

You will know Me. 


Reunification of the many realities into the one.

A unified field of reality aligned, in Divine Order.


your stillness


These blessings and prophecies I bring forth from the Heart of God.

In Christ’s name all shall be healed.

In God’s name all shall know love. All shall be love.

Two forwarnings of proportionate relevance and significance:

The first forewarning:

Screaming, chaos – the law of the punisher who comes falsely in the name of God – exacts retribution.

The second forewarning:

And this is how the darkness shall seek to make you one with it.

The darkness will seek the places within you – within your heart, and your mind, and your emotions – that are dark with doubts, fears, resentments, anger, and pain. And through your own mind and emotions, it will seek to torment you and it will feed these places with like energies, until your mind and heart are confused and in desperate pain, you cry out to your God, either for help or in anger.

“Why,” you may ask of me, “would my God do this to me?”

Remember my words to you now – it is the darkness.

Purify yourselves! Seek the healing Light of the Christ.

For only the Christ shall have reign over the forces of darkness that seek to enslave mankind.

Many shall weep and lament in these times to come.

Do not despair of the darkness.

Trust and be true to the Light of the Christ.

Stand True.

Stay true to the Light in your sorrow and your pain.

Stand True. 

For the Light is with you.